Eric Holder – It’s Racial Man, All I Did Was Lie to Congress



I don’t understand how Martha Stewart gets jail time for lying to the Feds but Eric Holder lies to Congress and gets to stay on in his job & insult White people. Someone explain this to me.

Eric Holder lied about when he knew about Fast & Furious, put it in a letter, and then withdrew the letter. It’s not a problem though, he simply blamed the White man.

He said the scandal has been blown out proportion by white people who are only attacking him because he is “African-American.”

Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson went even farther.He said critics of Eric Holder are “white supremecists.”Johnson is well known for crazed outbursts. He once stated on the House floor that the island of Guam might “capsize” from  overpopulation. Read more: The Examiner

Charles Krauthammer said it best –

“It’s clearly the cheap shot of an Attorney General who thinks he’s in trouble. And the reason he is is because he’s one of the most incompetent Attorneys General in US history. He’s the guy who brought on gratuitously the fiasco of the KSM trial in New York that even Democrats rebelled against. He’s the guy that’s led the department that’s been either totally ignorant or disingenuous or worse of the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal. And now he plays the race card. To use his words, I think it’s a cowardly use of the race card. And it’s unbecoming.”