Eric Holder on Fast & Furious – I Know Nothing, I Remember Nothing…


Will we ever have justice for Bryan Terry?

This past Monday, Issa released information about six wiretap applications that he says proves high-ranking DOJ officials knew about the gunwalking tactic. The applications were signed by Lanny Breuer, Holder’s second in command.

In May of last year Holder said he only found out about the Fast & Furious operation within the past few weeks (April or May 2011) –

Today, Eric Holder tried to tie the Fast & Furious to George Bush by confusing two different programs included under one broader title.

Holder sidestepped questions as he has done in the past. He has not delivered the documents requested by Congress. In frustration, Issa said, “Nothing has come from your department, not a shred of paper.”

One testy exchange between Darrell Issa and the stonewalling Eric Holder –

Holder continually repeated Issa’s questions back to him, Holder’s colleagues cut Issa off, and Holder’s answers were mostly that he didn’t know or he didn’t remember.

The documents connecting Fast & Furious to Eric Holder –

July 5 2010 redacted document

Tricky Case Email of October 18 2010

Read this email – Holder and Breuer

Summary from CBS –

CBS News:…In Fast and Furious, ATF agents allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to cross the border and fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Gunwalking scandal uncovered at ATF

It’s called letting guns “walk,” and it remained secret to the public until Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered last December. Two guns from Fast and Furious were found at the scene, and ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle on the operation.

Agent: I was ordered to let guns “walk” into Mexico

Ever since, the Justice Department has publicly tried to distance itself. But the new documents leave no doubt that high level Justice officials knew guns were being “walked.”…

…The Justice Department told CBS News that the officials in those emails were talking about a different case started before Eric Holder became Attorney General. And tonight they tell CBS News, Holder misunderstood that question from the committee – he did know about Fast and Furious – just not the details.

The hearings are live here.

Update: Reactions

Evidence mounts that Holder and his staff knew more about Fast & Furious and they knew it sooner than they admitted –

CNS News reported today that Holder claimed the “F &F” in the memos did not refer to “Fast and Furious.” The words are spelled out in other emails however proving that Holder’s statement is not true.