Eric Holder Is Out to Find Racial Bias in Law Enforcement



On Monday, Eric Holder announced that the DOJ will embark on a fishing expedition. He said the DOJ is collecting data on how many times people of color “are stopped, searched and arrested by police as a way of sussing out problematic stop-and-frisk and racial profiling practices.”

Black men were 6 times more likely to be in prison than white men, Latino men 2.5 times in 2012, according to a recent study, Holder said. Half of African-American are more likely to be in prison by the age of 23.

The strong insinuation is that it is the fault of whites and law enforcement as opposed to cultural issues.

“This overrepresentation of young men of color in our criminal justice system is a problem we must confront—not only as an issue of individual responsibility but also as one of fundamental fairness, and as an issue of effective law enforcement. Racial disparities contribute to tension in our nation generally and within communities of color specifically, and tend to breed resentment towards law enforcement that is counterproductive to the goal of reducing crime.”

The program of data collection is called the National Center for Building Community Trust and Justice. It will work in conjunction with Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program which offers educational opportunities to poor Blacks. It will also look for racial profiling within the criminal justice system and then provide training on unacceptable racial profiling practices.

Holder believes Stop and Frisk programs are racial profiling programs.

This action was partly spurred on by the Trayvon Martin killing though it was committed by a civilian, not a police officer.

“As a key part of this initiative, we will work with grant recipients [far-left groups only need apply] and local law enforcement to collect data about stops and searches, arrests, and case outcomes in order to help assess the impact of possible bias,” said Holder. “We will conduct this research while simultaneously implementing strategies in five initial pilot sites with the goal of reducing the role of bias and building confidence in the justice system among young people of color. This work will likely include anti-gang and mentoring projects intended to empower young African-American and Latino males and break the vicious cycle of poverty, incarceration, and crime that destroys too many promising futures each and every day.”

Liberals have long been opposed to any “stop and frisk” policing tactics though it has been proven highly effective in New York City. Mayor de Blasio recently stopped the policy.

If there is racial bias in the criminal justice system, that does need to be weeded out, however this could end up being nothing more than affirmative action for criminals. It will have to be watched.

It has not occurred to Eric Holder that the problem could be the gangs that have nested in poor Black and Latino areas. Federal statistics show that Blacks, 13% of the population, commit half of the gun murders in the United States. They are actually committing the crimes.

Before Holder nationalizes policing practices, he might want to study Chicago. Chicago has the toughest gun laws but comes up last in enforcement of those laws. They have some of the worst crime in the nation. Eric Holder should consider the possibility that police are already afraid to enforce the law in Chicago for fear of being accused of racial bias.

One has to wonder if there won’t be a pardon program for minorities after this data is collected.

If this initiative creates more opportunities for minority youth and makes for safer communities, we will be very happy to report it. Let’s hope that is the case.


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