Erica Garner’s Twitter Defense: Cops Set Her Up


Erica Garner
Erica Garner protesting

Erica Garner’s twitter account tweeted out this message on Christmas morning:


@DOXX means there is personal information included. The link I redacted on the tweet takes the reader to pastebin and a link to the addresses of Officers D’Amico, five of his possible family members, and it also includes the address of Officer Pantalao. She blames both men for the death of her father but does not blame the black sergeant who was supervising the takedown of her father prior to his death from a heart attack.

I tweeted her, asking her why she did it and what she thought would happen so she blocked the account I tweeted from.

Prior to her posting these tweets, some in response to others’ tweets, her lawyer said she would never do that and didn’t know what was in those links even though it was something personal and she attached the comment just something light “another officer that helped killed my dad”

Of course we all want to believe her, but then we see her new tweets blaming the cops and the media and we have to wonder. She thinks someone (suggests it’s the cops) is setting her up with tweets that she retweets though it didn’t say it was a retweet.


She thinks the cops are setting her up because they can’t lock her up?

blaming cops

Erica's defense

The tweet doesn’t indicate it’s a retweet:

claims it was a retweet

It’s unclear what people changed what words. Her words are her words.

She wants us to believe that she didn’t know what was clearly in the tweet.

She wants us to believe she didn’t tweet it knowingly as she suggests the cops are setting her up. Does she know what she’s saying now and the repercussions it could have as the police receive hundreds of threats on their lives?

She is the victim after putting out a tweet that could seriously hurt officers and their families?

Someone is making her paranoid enough to believe cops would set her up or she’s just trying to switch the blame.

She probably didn’t mean what she said. She’s upset. She lost her father and its the holidays. It has to be awful for her. She didn’t fully understand the repercussions to her but blaming the cops now only foments more dangerous rioting against cops. She has to know that she’s feeding the beast.

This entire thing is being brought to you by the radicals in charge which include Comrade Bill de Blasio. She and the other families are being exploited to start their revolution to overturn our legal system and replace it with an unfair social justice system, all in the name of fairness.

Protesters say they just want a middle ground with the cops. What could that middle ground be?

There have been riots over the holiday which newspapers politely call protests that led to violence.

In Oakland, stores were hit, a journalist was hurt, police were insulted, bricks were thrown at them, a town Christmas tree was ravaged, and there were no arrests in most cases. Is that the middle ground they seek?

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