Escape from New York…while you still can!


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You work hard. You pay your taxes. You want to live the American dream. Property and school taxes are choking you. Costs are skyrocketing, You see your dream slipping away. In order to maintain some quality of life, you sacrifice some privacy and put an apartment in your home.

Maybe you want to invest, in what was, a safe way to have a long term gain – an investment property. But your rights are slipping away in the dead of night.

Currently there is a bill kicking around in the state Senate that says it is not up to you to protect your investment. It is up to them to decide who you must rent to. Read the bill here.

This bill has to do with amending the NYS Human Rights Law to classify “source of income” as a “protected class.”

They want you to believe that it has to do with Section 8 housing vouchers, but as usual, they leave the definition open. Social Service will also fall into that protected class.

Let us not kid ourselves, when you go up against someone who is receiving a “government” check, you lose. No one protects you (without great expense). Ask those landlords who try to evict someone on programs. The courts are sympathetic to them, not you. After all, you are a “have” and they are a “have not”.

The bill keeps getting changed, first addressing those who own 5 units, then six units. But, you know and I know, the end result will be quite different! The hard-working taxpayer will be the victim of their newest rounds of assaults.

The NYS Association of Realtors is pretty clear on this issue. See here…copy and paste in your url:—source-of-income.pdf?sfvrsn=0

Twelve states have already signed on and our very own Jerry Nadler introduced a bill to amend the Fair Housing Act. Check out

And of course, Nanny Bloomberg wouldn’t miss a trick. Read what is protected in NYC. I am sure you will not be surprised. Read about it at

Interesting, Nassau County has already passed legislation and Westchester County did as well: Check out the Yonkers Tribune

I can see the next step. Once “source of income” is a protected class, I can see them demanding that they have the right to buy a home, using their taxpayer funded income to qualify. Then, of course, we will have to contribute more to them to maintain it. What a great way to redistribute wealth! From the working to the receiving!

We cannot let our freedoms slip away! More and more each day, the elitists are telling us how we should lead our lives. Call your state senators  and demand protect you, the homeowner, the taxpayer, the one who pays their salary!

The bill was proposed in the New York State Assembly and it is on its way to the Senate. [Correction: Yesterday we reported that it passed the Assembly in error]