ESPN Host Says Playing the Anthem at NFL Games Is Injecting Politics


ESPN “First Take” co-host Max Kellerman said Thursday  that the NFL injects politics “by playing the national anthem and putting pressure on you to stand for it.”

It was during a discussion comparing the unemployed Colin Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali.

“He was asked to stand for the national anthem,” Kellerman said. “You do not have to stand for the national anthem, and even if it was a rule that you did, is that Colin Kaepernick injecting politics into the NFL? No, that’s the NFL injecting politics.”

Kellerman quoted the very extreme Rev. Michael Eric Dyson who wrote that patriotic is being able to not stand for the anthem and standing for it is nationalism. Dyson wants all white Americans to set up IRAs, Individual Reparations Accounts.

“I’m very patriotic. I stand for the national anthem proudly,” Kellerman added. “The reason I am patriotic is because you do not have to stand for the national anthem.”

The left has brought politics into the NFL, not the Anthem. ESPN is a cesspool of politics and the cultural warriors want all vestiges of patriotism erased. They’re coming closer than they ever have.

First of all, Kaepernick isn’t Ali. Secondly, just as Kaepernick doesn’t have to stand for the Anthem, people don’t have to like it and go to games where he’s playing. Not everyone agrees his bringing attention to his leftist social injustice cause.

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  1. Hey, Waxie Maxie, you better be looking for another job, cuz ESPN will be on their way out if they keep your sleazy,______ ______ ass on the payroll

  2. We have all worked with people that would do anything regardless of the actual effect to please management to get ahead. Kellerman is one of them. It is all greed. He wants money and attention. Politics of course does not belong in a sports network. Sports as all other entertainment has been infiltrated by far leftists. The infiltration comes from above, not below, the fans are not asking for this. Yet most sports fans are not going to turn off ESPN. With sports, comedy, music, … many consumers are captive customers, accepting whatever product they are given.

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