Establishment Republicans Sell Out for a Meal and a Photo-Op


mccain and his dang photo-ops

McCain and Graham took their entourage of Republicans to the feast paid for by Obama last week (I’m sure he didn’t pay for all the security or the 20-car motorcade). They seem to think that the president is reaching out. They aren’t just drinking the Kool-Aid, they’re ossified on it.

Obama is out there arranging for sequester disasters to embarrass Republicans because he has made it clear he wants Republicans destroyed in 2014.

Politico Monday reported that “President Barack Obama says he’s ready to do whatever it takes to help Democrats win the House next year — a feat that could make the difference between limping to the end of his presidency and going out with a bang.”

Democrats, they say, are distancing themselves from President Obama. Of course they are, the ones who have to win are in predominantly Republican areas. It’s not a case of them suddenly becoming centrists.

Anyone who thinks all this centrist behavior is real or permanent is deluded.

Maybe if they simply read the Politico article, they will start to get it?

Certain Republicans went to dinner with Obama to play into Obama’s hands and they  then attacked a sincere man – Rand Paul – who wants to bring the constitutional abuses to the fore. They are really naive.

I don’t agree with everything Rand Paul says but he shone when he stood up for our constitutional rights. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and a few others were there for him, it should have been every Republican and a lot more than one Democrat. The Constitution is not a left-right issue.