Esteemed AG Reasonably Sure of Hillary’s Future



Esteemed former Attorney General Michael Mukasey who served under George W. Bush believes that Hillary Clinton should be charged with a federal crime for mishandling classified information via her private email server. Not only that, he made a prediction about her future that he seems pretty certain of.

Clinton clearly knew that her setup was not equipped to handle sensitive documents, Mukasey wrote in an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

He predicted that an indictment will be returned against Hillary Clinton in an appearance on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News. He believes that regardless of politics, officials would “do their duty.”

When asked what happens if the Justice Department doesn’t follow up on an indictment, Mukasey predicted mass resignations.
Mukasey said “this is huge” and he doesn’t “see this ending happily for Mrs. Clinton.” He sees resignations like those during Watergate.

He noted that she also told employees to send classified information.

To say it wasn’t labeled classified is saying “nothing” because the information to the secretary of state is classified, labeled or not.

Mukasey doesn’t know how she survives. A hands-off policy is theoretically possible Mukasey agree, but he doesn’t know how she survives polically.

Then Mukasey said, “Do you really think that the American people are about to elect somebody as to whom there have been recommended charges or…if it came to that? It’s hard for me to see how.”

If what we have heard is true and the FBI doesn’t return an indictment, the FBI’s reputation will be destroyed.

In our New America, anything is possible.