EU Gives Nobel Peace Prize to a Europe in Flames



Look to the EU for your future Americans and weep. We know that we have many fringe people who are ready to riot. The OWS and unions are ready to go. If our economy goes down, which is what will happen under President Obama, we will be the EU. President Obama has offered NO plan to stop spending or the high taxation that is coming on January 1st. He wants to tax job creators and he has visions of cooperating with U.N. Global taxes. That’s how he rolls.

What could be more ridiculous than giving out the Nobel Peace Prize to our brand new President, Barack Obama, who turned out to  be a pro-Afghaniston warrior and who spurred a Civil War in Libya? Let’s not forget his ongoing drone strikes. I’m not criticizing President Obama for doing this, but peace prize?

Well, the Nobel committee made themselves even more irrelevant with their latest award. There are riots throughout Europe and they think the EU merits a PEACE PRIZE. I’m not criticizing the EU either. Heaven knows that our country can’t criticize anyone for wild spending and high taxation.

Some in the EU are calling Andrea Merkel an Adolf Hitler and comparing Germany to the Fourth Reich. That is unfair. In fact, Germany has been prospering and bailing out a lot of these out-of-control economies. Germany, however, has benefited from them as well. Germany no longer wants to keep funding the countries that don’t prosper because they foresee themselves going down with them.

In joining the EU, from whom they get bailouts and extensive entitlement programs, each country has had to sacrifice some of their economic sovereignty to technocrats. It was their choice, and since socialism is the ruling economic force in the EU, it is understandable that they see the benefits outweighing the negatives. They have free travel among nations for one thing. Some believe they will not kill each other, as has been their history.

“The union and its forerunners have, over six decades, contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe,” said Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. “Reconciliation has become a reality.”

The committee feels that the EU has contributed to peace and reconciliation and, while ignoring the riots and the calls for the head of Andrea Merkel in Greece, Italy, France, they see the EU as worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. They are using the prize as encouragement to keep the EU together.

“The Nobel Peace Prize committee, and, in fact, the international community are now sending a very important message to Europe: that the European Union is something very precious, that we should cherish it for the good of Europeans and, indeed, for the good of all the world,” said Jose Manuel Barroso, head of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm.

The Committee, which is based in Norway, a country that has chosen NOT to join the EU, also ignores the fact that the Balkan wars were not prevented by the EU and NATO has done far more to keep the peace.

The committee is very left and the only reason they gave Obama the prize was to slap George Bush down one more time.

They have surrendered their former prestigious prize to meaningless political statements.

Britain didn’t think much of the prize though some in the EU were more favourable. I don’t think the prize is going to have the hoped-for effect.

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…”EU have got to be joking!” the Sun tabloid said in a headline, quoting former Conservative finance minister Norman Lamont as calling Friday’s prize “ridiculous and absurd”.

“Nobel peace prize for idiocy,” declared the Daily Mail, beside a photo of protesters in Athens dressing as Nazis while demonstrating against European Union-imposed austerity as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited this week.

Elsewhere the press reaction was much more favourable, despite several commentators pointing out that the European Union, wracked with debt and deficit and struggling to maintain its coherence, is not currently looking its best.

“Good idea, bad laureate,” opined the German magazine Der Spiegel.

“No one can seriously reproach the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union…

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Separatism is on the rise in the EU which also does not bode well for the EU.