Europe to Charge Our Planes for Carbon Emissions – Rejects U.S. Appeal


Cap & Trade is here via Europe and so is the beginning of untold damage to our economy and way of life. It will affect trade and tourism. Planes going from the U.S. to Europe will be charged for carbon emissions and it won’t be long before the reverse is true.

It will only be a matter of time before Europe, now that they have planted the seed of new tax revenue, will then grow these taxes as they do their VAT. They won’t stem their greed, they will look for new places to feed their insatiable appetites.

It will be a great excuse for our government to initiate the cap-and-trade via EPA.

Frankly, I don’t need to go to Europe any more, we have a beautiful country right here and there are other spectacular continents that I have not spent time touring. This move will further isolate Europe in what I believe is a self-destructive economic move.

Unfortunately, the carbon emissions tax scheme in Europe is also corrupt to say nothing of the fact that it is based on science that is incomplete.

Only 3% of total human emissions come from aircraft though it’s allegedly growing quickly. The U.S. and Canadian airlines brought the lawsuit against this tax with support from China, India, and other international carriers.

The European Court of justice in Luxembourg found that their tax does not infringe on national sovereignty or violate international aviation treaties. Airlines will pay the tax “under protest” while they review legal options.

Soon European travel will only be for the rich and they can have it.

Europe is using the Marxist UN guidelines for their cap-and-trade program.

The U.S. airlines said the regulation was tantamount to “an exorbitant tax,” but the EU said the added costs would amount to a few dollars per ticket and would open the way for efficient airlines to make money rather than lose.

The carbon trading program, due to go into effect Jan. 1, is one of the widest-reaching measures adopted by any country or regional bloc to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for climate change. It aims to make airlines accountable for their carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming.

The EU said it had enacted the measure after the International Civil Aviation Organization, the U.N. regulatory agency for airlines, failed to take concrete steps to rein in carbon emissions, despite an ICAO resolution 14 years ago authorizing action. Washington Post