European Statists Plan to Spy on ‘Intolerant’ Citizens


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Mr. Obama wants us to model ourselves after the same European totalitarians my ancestors fled from when they came to this country. Unfortunately, their idea of freedom hasn’t changed all that much over the last two centuries. Freedom to them is anything the bureaucrats allow. They don’t allow free speech as we know it and they plan to allow a lot less of it.

The European Socialists, who are so opposed to Mr. Obama spying on them, hope to set up a surveillance state to monitor people who are suspected of being intolerant.

The proposal before the EU seeks to set up ‘special administrative units’ to monitor individuals and groups that are viewed as intolerant. This new group of self-appointed thought police would be the guardians of European multiculturalism.

The European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, would force all 28 member nations to adopt their procedures and guidelines.

The absurdity of forcing tolerance on people seems to have escaped them.

The EU is intolerant of people who express concerns about particular nationalities, such as Muslims.

People are put on trial for exercising their free speech rights in the EU as it is. This statute would worsen the situation. This proposal was drafted by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.

The EU has declared that there is no need to be ‘tolerant’ of the ‘intolerant.’ That is their excuse for taking away peoples’ rights. Worse yet, the elite get to decide what is to tolerated or not.

The thought police would use this measure to control social behavior and violate the rights of the citizens. It will ‘condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias, bigotry, and prejudice,’ whatever that means.

Their section on religious intolerance specifically states that it is ‘understood to cover Islamophobia’ and gives no definition of ‘Islamophobia.’ It could mean anything they decide it means. Citizens of the EU will be at the mercy of the bureaucrats who put themselves in charge. The extremists of Islam will have an open field and Sharia Law could be unleashed on the populace as one possible outcome.

This may not be approved but the fact that they would even come up with a totalitarian idea like this is repugnant to lovers of free speech. Why don’t they just change their name to ‘Russia’ and ask if they can use the gulags in Siberia for their ‘intolerant’ people to show how really tolerant they are.

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