Europeans Gut Their Own Free Speech on the Internet



The EU will allow anyone to censor their Internet at any time if it is material that comes up in a google search of their name. The totalitarian socialists in Europe are cutting deeply into free speech on the Internet with this decision.

Google is going along with it, all in the name of privacy. Facebook and google alone could be liable for up to 2% of their global income if they don’t comply.

Totalitarianism is getting uncomfortably close to the United States. If our current administration has its way, we will role model the EU and their latest obscene decision to dramatically censor the Internet.

The European Union courts have ruled that any person or company can appeal to block any website or delete any material they find offensive. Without a court order or standard of proof, you can appeal to google to have it deleted and they will do it.

They can now delete reality. In other words, all EU Internet material will be censored.

Individuals can request that search engines remove links to news articles, court judgments and other documents in search results for their name. National authorities can force the search engines to comply if they judge there isn’t a sufficient public interest in the information, the court ruled. Google said they will do it upon request.

The ruling is the result of a lawsuit by a Spanish doctor whose name came up on the Internet over a botched breast surgery he performed. The information was by all accounts accurate.

The new decision is based on a concept called the “right to be forgotten,” which was codified by the judge in this ruling.

In Europe, the intellectual roots of the right to be forgotten can be found in French law, which recognizes le droit à l’oubli—or the “right of oblivion”—a right that allows a convicted criminal who has served his time and been rehabilitated to object to the publication of the facts of his conviction and incarceration. In America, by contrast, publication of someone’s criminal history is protected by the First Amendment.

This decision opens the door to large-scale private censorship. On the first day after this decision, over 1,000 Europeans asked to have their names removed, half were criminals. Nothing like rewriting history en masse. So far, a reported 12,000 have made a request and it’s been less than a month.

Good summary from Dick Morris: