Europe’s Massive Invasion And ISIS Protesting in the Streets of Germany



Hundreds of refugees are transiting throughout Europe, passing through country after country until they get to Germany or one of the other countries that offers more extensive benefits.

Germany has invited them in because they need workers as their population dwindles.

Angela Merkel is having problems convincing people to follow her lead in taking in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” so she is resorting to censorship. She wants Facebook to shut down “seditionists.”

Merkel considers opposition to the massive immigration to be “xenophobia’ and “racism”, but it’s much more than that.

In one Bavarian town they’ve had 15,000 pass through in a few days. That’s the population of the town. One townsman said, “Theft, burglary and other trouble – just look around, some people have begun to protect themselves with handguns.”

“It’s rare that anyone speaks their opinion, because then they’re immediately labeled right-wing or a Nazi,” said one teen, adding, “But it’s not only Germany that’s overextending,” he says. “Something has to happen fast, or Europe will self-destruct.”

This next video is very hard to believe but it comes from MEMRI, a very reliable source.

LiveLeak posted this video and said it was ISIS demonstrating on the streets of Germany.

This is playing out all over Europe.

In Croatia, thousands are flooding across their borders.

Migrants leaving Croatia
Migrants leaving Croatia

Tabloid 24stata reports that the situation is now completely out of hand in Tovarnik, a town of around 3,000 inhabitants on the Serbian border. Bozo Galic, prefect of the Vukovar-Simium County, has called the situation a “humanitarian catastrophe”, while local mayor Rose Šijaković said it was like a “siege”.

“Children are afraid to go to school, the number of refugees is already four times larger than our population,” she said.

That’s the story throughout much of Europe.

Some of the photos showing up on Twitter hint at some of the other forces at work.

Western open borders activists are among the “refugees” in the EU.

open borders activists among the refugees

The “refugees” are bringing their bullhorns so they can community organize.


Then there are these refugees.

refugee in Hungay

migrants2 migrants3

It’s hard to know if it’s as bad as it looks without being in Europe to see it. It’s hard to get the gestalt. Mainstream media likes to put a smiley face on all of it.