Even CNN Knows Obama Is Lying About Bain Capital But That Won’t Stop Obama



Obama’s attack ads claiming Romney outsourced jobs overseas while at Bain have earned Obama our highest Pinocchio rating. Fact Check, WaPo and numerous other liberal media outlets have found the Obama claim to be false. Romney has demanded an apology from President Obama.

An interesting side note – Obama’s campaign has taken money from the outsourcers at Bain. Now that should be in the next Romney ad. [Breitbart]

Even CNN knows Obama is lying about Bain. I think the faux outsourcer argument that Obama is trying to push will go down the same drain as the dog on the roof and the equity attacks.

Romney’s ads in response:


This is what the Obama devotees at CBS said and it doesn’t help Obama –

The following video is one of Obama’s attack ads –

In this video, Romney addresses the lies by the very un-presidential Obama –