Ever Hear of Mary Fallin?

Mary Fallin

Ever hear of Mary Fallin?

Doubt it. No, she’s not the wife of a late night TV host.

Give you a hint.

She’s from Oklahoma.

No she’s not the wife of a famous football coach.

One more. She’s involved in a real controversial issue.

No, her family doesn’t own The Keystone oil pipeline.

Give up?

She’s the Governor of Oklahoma. What’s the big deal? Why is she my heroine?

Simple.  She looked around and saw that America’s nine “no-income-tax” states have superior population, income and job growth!   Really?

She looked at the neighboring state of Illinois, (training ground of our illustrious “leader”) saw their massive debt problems and their failing tax and spend policies.

She also was faced with the fact that all her immediate neighbors (Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska), either have no state income tax or are working on reducing them.

So, what did my heroine do?

Her plan was simple. Cut the state tax from 5.25% to 3.5.% (for single incomes of $35,000 or couples from $ 70,000) in 2013 and (ready for this one?), eliminate it entirely by reducing it 0.25% a year over the next 14 years!  WOW!  She really has PRINCIPLES!

But, why do I respect her so much? After all, she is a Republican Governor and her party controls BOTH houses of the state’s legislature.

The problem is that after getting elected with a promise of tax relief, after winning BOTH state legislatures with that platform, after proving that lower taxes really increase job growth and revenues, after watching all their neighbors do the same, (here we go again! Typical politicians!), IT’S THE REPUBLICANS WHO ARE CHANGING THEIR MINDS!

But, she  is my heroine because she is NOT giving in and she is taking on BOTH political parties!!!

Way to go, Madame Governor.

165 days till NOVEMBER!



PS: want to do something really interesting?  Try calling Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn and tell him how you support their Governor and want lower taxes. Tell him that there are even fiscal conservatives in NY.

202- 224-5754