Everyone Goes Ballistic Over Trump’s Phone Call with Taiwan’s President


Journalists, Democrats, talking heads, allegedly China, are in a frenzied state  because Donald Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan on the phone. They are deliberately working China up with their alarmist rants. In fact, China responded with a letter AFTER the US press attacked Trump. The press and other professional hand -wringers cause problems.

It’s hard to understand why the president-elect, still an ordinary citizen, can’t speak with the president of Taiwan. Who are the Chinese Communists to bully us into not speaking with Taiwan?

The Republic of China, or Taiwan, was established in 1949 when Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang lost the Chinese Civil War against Mao Zedong and the People’s Liberation Army and fled to the island of Taiwan, where they established a government-in-exile (Republic of China) that still claims dominion over mainland China (the People’s Republic of China).

In 1979, the U.S. abandoned the ROC and established ties with the mainland communists.

Trump’s call might be a provoke China we are told. “The Chinese leadership will see this as a highly provocative action, of historic proportions. Regardless if it was deliberate or accidental, this phone call will fundamentally change China’s perceptions of Trump’s strategic intentions for the negative. With this kind of move, Trump is setting a foundation of enduring mistrust and strategic competition for U.S.-China relations” says Evan Medeiros, former Asia director at the White House National Security Council.

China plays us.

Donald Trump answered the call, he didn’t call them, though some of Trump’s enemies are saying his staff set up the call.

Barack Obama can send $1.8 billions of dollars of military equipment to Taiwan but Donald Trump can’t speak with them.

Dan Rather, the disgraced and discredited reporter who had forged documents to use against George Bush, posted to Facebook:

I have said before that there are no training wheels to becoming president, and we may have seen the effects of that today.

Reports are ricocheting across the news media and the diplomatic world that Donald Trump has become the first United States President or President-elect to speak directly with the leader of Taiwan in decades.

There is no bigger touchstone to the stability of the far rim of the Pacific than the issue of Taiwan. We do not yet know what precipitated this apparent gross breach of established American protocol, but the damage may already have been done. This is deeply serious business. You can expect that the government in Beijing is burning up the trans-Pacific communications with some version of “what the hell is going on?” They will likely make their displeasure, if not fury, known very quickly.

There’s is nothing would concern the Mainland Chinese more than to have a suspicion that American foreign policy will change. We can guess that this was something Trump and his advisors didn’t think through. Or maybe it was meant to be provocative. Regardless, someone needs to tell the President-elect that this isn’t some “reality-show” that you can fix in the editing room.

Democrats are claiming the Rather statement is going viral. Democrats do love their corrupt heroes.

CNN said that Donald Trump risks a showdown with China. Obama didn’t risk a showdown selling almost $2 billion in weapons to them? Only Trump does things that are bad?

Maybe some things do need to change.

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  1. let’s see if i have this right…
    north korea develops and tests nuclear weapons. it’s military launches missiles every month or so in the general direction of japan and hawaii. they are a small, impoverished country, but instead of squishing them we provide 40,000 of our finest to keep their army out of south korea. the last three administrations have ‘allowed’ this belligerence ’cause they “don’t want to strain our ‘relationship’ with china”. china, in the midst of our timidity and monetary indebtedness, has seized the moment and constructed militarily strategic ‘islands’ in the south china sea. in both cases, our administrations (clinton, bush, and obama) have elected only to perform the perfunctory show of force (boats and planes) which i’m sure amuses the north koreans and chinese who live on the coastline. all of this has been the new normal in our foreign policy and msm coverage until today when mr. trump accepted a congratulatory call from the taiwanese president. the abc’s were apoplectic suggesting mr. trump’s ‘indiscretion’ could lead to war. that begs the question; which nation is militarily dominant and exceptional. based on our past inaction, i’d humbly suggest they have a point…b

  2. To you, Taiwan is just s little island on a map which you probably can’t even locate. But this has a huge implication for the people who live there. This one china policy and the us relations is a delicate balance. China is willing to turn a blind eye if us does not come out and state there is a government on the island of Taiwan. Hence, they turned a blind eye to the arms sale.

    This will cause hostile relationships with china and the us. While us may have a more advance military and nukes. I do not believe any of that will be used in a “war” with china. Instead, it will be boiling down to economics. Think about the things that are made in china. Now imagine a world with out them. How’s that iPhone working out for you?

    Last time I checked.. china is still the largest holder of treasury bond… they literally owns us

  3. Of course, no one literally owns the USA.

    This man Evan Medeiros, as an Obama appointee, is a think tank person that has never actually implemented anything. It would be a surprise if his opinion was that it is OK for Trump to speak with the leader of the free nation of Taiwan, rather than side with the abusive nation of China. The Left and the elites believe in free speech only for themselves.

    Dan Rather has a long history of fraud. Since he has sat in front of a camera reading and making many millions, he has no actual expertise in international affairs. Of the 3 people, Trump, Evan Medeiros, and Rather, I can guess which one has more experience actually negotiating deals with Asian leaders, since only 1 of them ever has.

    We can expect every move Trump makes will be considered wrong, after 8 years of unprecedented failures.

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