Hillary Clinton’s Profoundly Hypocritical Remarks in Iowa



The hypocrisy is stunning. Hillary said the increases in tuition is unjustified and costs must not continue to be passed down to students.

She is also concerned about money being taken out of education for other purposes. She wants tuition to be debt-free. She wants people who can afford to pay for college, to pay for themselves and for other peoples’ children.

Free college for the military works but for deadbeats, not so much.

She wants people to have their college debts forgiven after twenty years. Why? Is someone going to let me off the hook for my mortgage? I have a thirty year mortgage and I only want to pay it for twenty years. The taxpayers can pay the other ten years.


Mrs. Debt Free college herself, Hillary Clinton made $2,777 per minute for her keynote speech at the University of Buffalo for which she charge $275,000.

At the University of Las Vegas Foundation’s annual dinner in 2014. Students wanted the money to go towards student aid instead of her $225,000 speaking fee. A group of student asked that the money be given and passed a petition around.

At the university, officials had agreed to raise tuition by 17 percent over the next four years.

It was Hillary who said her family was “dead broke” upon leaving the White House.

At least eight universities, including four public institutions, have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for Hillary Rodham Clinton to speak on their campuses in 2013-2014 alone.

In one  transaction, the University of Connecticut — which had just raised tuition by 6.5 percent — paid $251,250 from a donor fund for Clinton to speak on campus in April, 2014. Other examples include $300,000 to speak at the University of California at Los Angeles in March and $225,000 for a speech scheduled for October at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

When the University of Missouri at Kansas City asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak at the opening of the school’s new women’s hall of fame in 2014, they were surprised to learn how much her appearance would cost.

“Yikes!” read one university official’s response to the quoted fee of $275,000, according to emails obtained by the Washington Post.

Instead of forking over the large sum, the university instead paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter, to speak at the event.

She demands a “presidential glass teleprompter”.  In one case, she demanded a stenographer for $1250. She handpicks the moderator, no one else is allowed on stage, and the audience can never ask questions. Oh, and she can cancel “for any reason whatsoever.”

The topic and length of her speech is solely up to her. The University was not allowed to tape the speech.

She also controls “the sets, backdrops, banners, scenery, logos, settings, etc.

They even had to pay $1000 for her stenographer’s transcription of the speech.

Check out her nine-page contract.

Hillary has given paid speeches at eight universities, four of them public institutions. She donates the money to her own charity which Hillary and Bill use to promote themselves.