Exclusive Interview With Dough the Obama Dog


I traveled through Hurricane Irene to get this exclusive interview with Dough and he was kind enough to share this photo of himself prior to his release from jail. His little mishap with the Fox news reporter has been swept under the rug and he is free to protect his master, President Obama, from the prying eyes of unfriendly news sources, which is only Fox really.

We had to meet under difficult circumstances in a secret location while Hurricane Irene blew by us, but Dough, ever the stalwart, stood up to the challenge and gave me the details of his lavish vacation at the Vineyard, imbibing on rare French wine and the finest caviar. He gained 10 pounds but lost a few while in jail because “the food was vile,” he said.

Here, Dough and I are discussing the past week, from his luxuriating in splendor to his later incarceration.

Dough was uncontrite when talking about eating the Fox reporter and he did complain about how salty the reporter was. Dough is not used to salt since Mayor Bloomberg convinced him that salt should be illegal. Dough did say he only concentrates on Fox reporters and NPR and MSNBC reporters are perfectly safe.

We talked briefly about the $10 million Michelle has spent on vacations since 2009 and he claims…

The rest of the interview will be released when power returns to my hometown, which seems like maybe never. Unfortunately, I have to leave the Internet cafe to make room for the other powerless people in my neighborhood