Executive Order 13603 – How Dangerous Is It?


President Obama has been using executive orders (EO’s) in ways they have never been used before. He is using them to do end-runs around Congress by legislating from the White House. Some EO’s are dormant but pose a potential future threat. One of those is EO 13603.

President Obama signed EO 13603 on March 16, 2012. The purpose is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950. It provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials and services to promote national defense.

It is an update and it is not much different from prior EO’s on the National Defense Resources Preparedness. However, one difference which is concerning to some is that the definition “national emergency” is now broader and it is quite vague. There were other subtle changes that might be of interest.

The EO includes all of Obama’s out-of-control agencies and they would have unlimited power if the president declared a “national emergency.”

Executive Order 13603 — National Defense Resources Preparedness allows the government to completely control our lives through the “industrial and technological base,” should the president declare a national emergency.

EO 13603 gives Obama the power over all commodities and products capable of being ingested by human beings and animals; all forms of energy; all forms of civil transportation; all usable water from all sources; health resources; forces labor such as military conscription; and federal officials can issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”

EO 13603 is the plan to control our economy and our lives in the event of a crisis endangering our national security. There are no checks and balances written into the EO.

Could a cyber threat be used as an excuse to use this authority? Could an economic crisis cause the president to take over retirement funds using this EO?

In Obama’s hands, this EO does give one pause.

President Obama is behind the nationalization of education, car companies, energy, school loans, housing. The growth of government and the unbridled spending seems endless under his reign.

One of the issues to be concerned about is his expressed desire to wrap his financial hands around the trillions in private retirement savings. A national financial crisis would allow him to do that.

Those are hypotheticals and there is no indication that President Obama will do any of that, however, the biggest concern is that we have now allowed our government to pass laws, EO’s, rules et al that give the government the right to do pretty much anything they want to us. We’ve been careless and inattentive.

We need an order like this but we don’t need an order that gives undefined and unlimited power to one person in the government who can then utilize his/her out-of-control government agencies as s/he sees fit.

For a historical perspective on EO’s, check out Forbes.com

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2 months 26 days ago

Ash Yousef… or is it Youssef? Anyway you are a Troll, I see your heat postings all over, without substance everywhere. Look in the Mirror and tell me what you see.

3 months 18 days ago

yousef, you are totally wrong. like Rosalie said, he and others paid a tremendous amount of money to provide his fake birth certificate. he and mrs. obummer are the biggest racists in America. both of them have done more harm to this country than any other couple could ever dream of doing. your web site is also ridiculous. any one can put up a web site.

3 months 19 days ago

oh yeah sooo many good things I can count t on one finger. I know he is a consummate habitual liar and declares he can’t do this or that without violating the Constitution then turns around and does them anyway knowing the Media will never address the obvious lie. Unsecured border, immigration disaster, Fast and Furious, Libya, back to war to a country we were paying for 50,000 ghost soldiers and knew it. Signs ex. orders he admits are illegal and unconstitutional. He is psychotic and now is hanging with terrorists, race-baiters, tax cheats. Where is Muchelle lately hiding?
Thrown so many under the bus- including one Marine getting unjustly detained by our enemy to the south Mexico, the scenic nation of narco-hypocrisy. He has embarrassed the US, given financial aide to our enemies 600 Million to ISIS claiming it was aid freeing their stolen oil money to buy more weapons. That’s aid and comfort to an enemy. His birth certificate is a doctored phony with a ficticious hospital’s name. When he was born the hospital had a different name. He has trashed our medical care, I personally have had two primary care physicians LEAVE PRACTICE for better living. Did you ever think you’d see doctors leaving medicine??? I could go on but your one of those who don’t know the difference between a choke hold and a heart attack and I am sure you tell your children its OK to rob stores and charge armed policeman who do what they are supposed to do. Go after criminals UNTIL they stop and raise their hands.