Explosive Benghazi Report: US Acted With “Complete Incompetence”


The mother of Sean Smith and the father of Tyrone Woods said their sons were murdered by the Obama administration. If the latest exclusive from Fox News is held to be true, the parents are correct.

The CIA timeline on Benghazi issued this week, and reported by all mainstream media, was not accurate according to foreign and American security officials on the ground. It was only “loosely based on the truth” and “doesn’t quite add up,” they are reported as saying.

Several hours before the 9:40 attack, American and British sources knew that multiple roadblocks were set up by fighters believed to be with Ansar al-Sharia and that they witnessed “heavily armed troops showing up with artillery.”

Calls went out for help “considerably earlier” that signs of an attack were mounting. Help was significantly delayed.

One source said the Blue Mountain Security chief seemed “distraught” and said “the situation here is very serious, we have a problem.”

British sources on the ground in Benghazi said they are extremely frustrated by the attack and are still wondering why they weren’t called for help. “We have more people on the ground here than the Americans and I just don’t know why we didn’t get the call?” one said.

Both American and British sources said, at the very least, the security situation on the ground and the lack of proper response were the result of “complete incompetence.”

According to the CIA timeline, a senior State Department official at the consulate in Benghazi called into the CIA annex – the safe house – a mile away. That is not true.

In fact, the Blue Mountain Security manager called security contractors in Benghazi warning of problems at least an hour earlier. In addition, US military intelligence knew armed militia was gathering up to three hours before the attack.

Officials knew by 6:40 PM of the impending attack and did nothing!

It was clear to everyone that an attack was being planned hours before. This explains Sean Smith’s communication with his gaming buddy expressing his resigned concern that they might not be alive in the morning.

The Libyan security staff was known to be “complacent” and when they saw the attackers take up positions, they simply “walked away.”

The safe room which was meant to protect Ambassador Stevens had no fire suppression and ventilation as required by code. If they had, he would be alive today.

Frustration from sources on the ground in Benghazi and in the US Multiple British and American sources insist there were other capabilities nearby and were inexplicably not used. There were armed drones, F-18’s, AC-130 aircraft and helicopters which could have been sent in a timely manner.

George Little, Pentagon spokesman denied this though men on the ground insist there were.

British intelligence said that armed drones were a short flight from Benghazi and “were always said to be on call.” American sources agreed and ask “why was a drone armed only with a camera dispatched?”

The team pulled together willy-nilly from Tripoli were not trained first responders. First responders were available in Italy but were never dispatched. The Tripoli team was delayed by Libyans for three hours and the team notified Washington within 30 minutes about the delay. Nothing was done.

Turkey had military capabilities in the area that were never tapped.

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