Explosive: Connecting Obama, the OWS, & the Abolish Capitalism Movement – Thank You Breitbart!


Democracy and Capitalism don’t work together … the occupying of homes … we are taking over the home … there’s a whole other value system here … we are going to take over the home and this person is not going to pay…
~ Marina Sitrin, CUNY Professor and Attorney for the OWS legal working group

President Obama is intimately connected to the groups advocating the overthrow of capitalism and the government. If the following information does not connect the dots, I don’t know what will.

If you go to 2:37 on the video that follows, you will see Marina Sitrin, Professor CUNY, Attorney for the OWS legal working group, and activist for Occupy Homes/SEIU. This video was taken on Day 5 of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.

In the video, Ms. Sitrin was leading one of many groups of great unwashed ones in a discussion on how to manipulate situations so the police look bad, especially take advantage if they approach you. The OWS were directed to have that videocamera ready. She would not let me tape the discussion. This is the same woman who said that the police were intimidating the OWS and trying to shut them down – Read here at Raw Story.

In Sara’s recent article, MoveOn & Obama – Eliminate Ed DeMarco & Redistribute More of the Wealth, Sara, referencing the WSJ, explains that Ed DeMarco, an independent financial regulator, is the only thing standing between Obama’s plan to pay off underwater mortgages of certain people (we don’t know who they might be) at the expense of the taxpayer in his ever broadening redistribution of wealth. It is his new stimulus without having to go through Congress.

Mr. DeMarco has stayed on in the job as regulator out of a sense of duty to protect the taxpayer though Obama has illicitly put enormous pressure on him to resign or be replaced. MoveOn recently began organizing to push DeMarco out and MoveOn’s letter making this clear is included in Sara’s article linked in the above paragraph. They use the 99% slogan that is Obama’s replacement slogan for hope and change.

Sara et al videotaped the OWS on Wall Street on several occasions over a period of months and the refrain was the same – overthrow capitalism and overthrow the government.

The OWS are advocating sedition by peaceful means but any means possible is the goal if the peaceful movement is not effective. We already saw the violence and it is only the beginning.

The people Sara and I spoke with described themselves as anarchists, communists, anarchist-communists, national socialists (NAZI), Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Libertarians (very few of these), open borders supporters, legal defense groups which are fronts for communists, pro-Palestine and anti-Israel groups (none were Israel supporters though many said they were Jewish themselves), anti-police groups, some were members of or connected to MoveOn, Media Matters, Daily Kos, AFL-CIO, The United Steelworkers, SEIU,  and teacher’s unions.

It was an incredibly white group of people with no minorities in the beginning except for a few Hispanic open borders proponents. The only blacks who came, a small number, came later on when Rev. Al Sharpton made an appearance.

They said they had funding and support from the owners of Zuccoti Park – Brookfield Properties. Some were college and high school students, old hippies, homeless, teenage runaways, radical arabs, and then there were the organizers who directed each group to follow their guidelines.

The directives were to begin peacefully and build up to jumping barriers, inciting police, and to look towards imprisonment. They talked about their connections to the global communist movement.

They frequently chanted with the organizers because they are collectivists. Their favorite chant is “This is what democracy looks like.” When they use the word “democracy,” they are referring to it in the same sense as the great unwashed ones of the 60’s – the Bill Ayers types if you will – they mean socialism or communism. Democracy, real democracy, cannot co-exist with socialism or communism – they are diametrically opposed, which is why they are calling for the overthrow of capitalism and the government.

Now listen to Andrew Breitbart’s tape and notice that the organizer I mentioned at the beginning of this piece is also one of the speakers –

Read more: Breitbart/Big Government

Marina Sitrin (a Professor no less) and her colleagues want to occupy homes because she believes firmly in the overthrow of home ownership. When they talk about their “democracy” and redistribution, they are clearly talking about Marxism and some form of totalitarian government to replace the government we have.

Ms. Sitrin and her colleagues are seditionists, which is defined as 1. conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state. 2. Insurrection and/or rebellion. They are the anti-government forces who pretend they are for democracy using an Alinsky-style approach to fool the masses. They do it with the sympathy of the President of the United States and the positive spin put on the movement by most of the media.

This goes far beyond liberalism and there is nothing liberal about this movement which hopes to return in April as the 99% Spring.

In the Breitbart video, it is quite clear that the seditionists are in complete unity with Obama’s plan to redistribute the mortgage/home wealth. It also aligns with the DeMarco situation and the MoveOn push to force housing redistribution.

For those unfamiliar with Marxist philosophy, key to it is the abolition of private property which this will eventually lead up to obviously. Ms. Sitrin is clear – no more home ownership.

Obama and/or his administrative appointees have met regularly or held phone conferences with Andy Stern of the SEIU, David Brock of Media Matters, Trumka, and others who are advocating the overthrow of capitalism and, in essence, the government on which it is based. You are a capitalist or a statist – there are no other choices.

Our President and many democrats have come out in support of the OWS and they use the slogan of the OWS – they are the 99%.

More Zuccoti videos –

The collectivist chanting –

Propagandizing 6 year old children while having them write dirty words on signs –

NAZI’s and Socialists using the term “democracy” to mean totalitarianism –

This video shows the various totalitarian groups on September 17th, the first day of the occupy movement. They were very well-organized and there was nothing grassroots about them –

This is Long Island’s communist-union rally. Read more: We Are One (Communists, Radical Totalitarian Groups and Unions) and We Are One Chicago. The SEIU woman speaking described her socialist philosophy. She is an ardent  supporter of class warfare. It was supposed to be in honor of MLK Jr who was barely mentioned –

Read about Ms. Sitrin’s Marxist ideology here and here. which also happens to include open spaces and horizontalism which eliminates class structures. Meanwhile the OWS have established class structures with leaders and a pyramidal government.