Explosive IG Report Contradicts Obama’s “If They Did It” Theory



photo of IRS Revenue and Target Building

President Obama’s staff are attempting to deal with the IRS issue by saying it is very limited in scope.

The Acting Commissioner, Steven Miller, said Wednesday that two rogue employees pulled off the targeting and they have been disciplined.

That is not possible.

IRS policy does not allow for this to happen. Every single action by an IRS employee is monitored and workers go strictly by the manual. No one is allowed to go beyond their job description. The IRS keeps track of every activity in every area. The IRS is paranoid. No two people could have pulled this off by themselves.

People must wonder how the IRS can target groups and get away with it for years. The reason they can is because the IRS is pervasively Democrat. The workers are union. One friend of mine who worked for the IRS had a department of 134 people and only 5 were Republican. They hid their beliefs – they had to.

President Obama and his spokesperson Jay Carney said repeatedly during their pressers that “if” the IRS targeted conservatives, it is “outrageous.” The reality is that there is no “if” there. The IRS definitely did target conservatives.

The President said he didn’t have the findings of the IG report and he couldn’t say they were definitely targeted. The IG report was hours away from publication and we are supposed to believe he couldn’t get a copy of it.

The IG report is explosive but holds back on blaming anyone much as the ARB report on Benghazi gave Hillary Clinton a pass though she was the Director of a State Department described as functioning poorly.

The IG report points out that in January 2010, the SCOTUS affirmed the Citizens United case. President Obama believed it opened the floodgates for corporations to spend without limit on elections and was infuriated over the decision. President Obama does not like the 501 (c)(4)’s that arose out of this decision.

President Obama insisted that lawmakers come up with legislation to overrule the SCOTUS decision. That legislation never came about.

At the same time, the Tea Party rose along with their voice. The left were infuriated and immediately pushed back.

Around this time, the IRS began to target the conservative groups with unnecessary and burdensome questions they had no right to ask about according to the IG. They asked for donor names and their personal information for example. They even wanted to know what books they were reading.

The IRS expanded the criteria of who they would review from “patriot” and “Tea Party to  “912,” “government spending,” “making America a better place to live,” “limited government,” the “Bill of Rights,” and the “Constitution.”

Over the course of 18 months, a team of specialists grew up around the effort. Of 298 applications pulled, all experienced long delays and 63% of the applications were withdrawn or have had no resolution.

The IG said that it usually takes 4-9 months to go through one of these applications; some conservative groups have waited three years.

The IG said it had the potential effect of discouraging future donors.

IRS management knew by June, 2011 of these practices which continued to May, 2012 according to the IG. In June 2012, the IRS Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, testified there was no targeting. That has turned out to be untrue.

The IRS is now falsely claiming it was the doing of two workers. That is not what is said in the IG report. On page 5, the IG report refers to a team of specialists that grew out of the initial effort. In addition, though they knew about it in June 2011, nothing was done.

Only 7 of 9 recommendations made by the IG were followed by the IRS. The IRS refused to document the criteria they use for review and they refuse to provide guidance for appropriately reviewing applicants. For this reason, the IG finds the issue unresolved.

It is quite a coincidence that President Obama was vehemently opposed to the 501(c)(4) and the IRS started targeting them at the same time he made his opposition known. Even if President Obama had no direct input into the IRS activity, he has set up a culture for it.

The IG report on the IRS:

IG report