Explosive NY Liberty Report – George Demos Funded By California Liberals


Hello? Long Island? Are you going to let California decide your election? Supporting George Demos for Congress will have ONE result – it will help far left Pelosibot, Tim Bishop. Haven’t we suffered enough on Long Island? Isn’t it time for a change and some hope?

A lot of people who read Independent Sentinel are not from New York, but this article should interest everyone. What do you think of bundlers from other states deciding your elections? That is what this story is really about.

George Demos has been running ads against his opponent, Randy Altschuler, which are blatantly anti-capitalist. Who, in the United States, calls himself a “real Conservative” while running ads against a businessman who engaged in the free market? Who is against business and the free market? Seriously!

Altschuler is very invested in Long Island while Demos is a renter; he’s ready to lift up and move at any time.

If that hasn’t diminished his “Conservative” credentials in peoples’ eyes, how about the fact that he is being funded by the same far left California liberals who are campaigning to turn the House Democratic and who fund the DCCC?

No matter what one’s political views are, the ethics of this should come first.

An explosive new article from the NY Liberty Report reveals the latest on what should leave all people wondering –

Via New York Liberty Report –

“George Demos has a lot of explaining to do,” charged [Jesse Garcia, Brookhaven Town Republican Chairman] Garcia.  “Why is the Demos campaign allowing itself to be bankrolled by California liberals who are some of the biggest donors to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)?  Frankly, it’s beyond disturbing to find out that the Demos campaign is being backed by the same people who helped to attack and defeat Republicans all over the country, and elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House – and hope to do so again.”

Garcia said the issue raises serious questions for Demos.

“George Demos is attacking Randy Altschuler with the same dishonest television ads that Tim Bishop used in 2010, and he is paying for them with campaign cash from California liberals with ties to the DCCC and Nancy Pelosi,” said Garcia.  “With absolutely zero support from local Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Parties, it appears that George Demos is little more than a Trojan Horse for out-of-state liberals and congressional Democrats who are desperate to beat up a top Republican challenger like Randy Altschuler prior to the general election.  George Demos should be ashamed for letting himself get used in this way, and Republican voters in Suffolk County should know that a vote for George Demos is a vote for Tim Bishop – plain and simple.”

Brookhaven Town GOP Chairman: Demos funded by BIG California Liberals who donate BIG money to DCCC

Self-Proclaimed Conservative George Demos Funded byCalifornia Liberals Who Donate Big Money to the DCCC

Major Demos donor and future father-in-law involved in undisclosed, multi-million dollar real estate deal with Nancy Pelosi’s husband that sparked ethics firestorm

Brookhaven, May 14 – The campaign of self-proclaimed conservative congressional candidate George Demos (NY-1) is being funded, in part, by California liberals who have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), charged Brookhaven Town Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia today…Keep Reading…