Fable of Black Victimization: The Dangerous Rule of Thumb


by Alan Bergstein

Blacks just cannot be the bad guys. They have to be portrayed by the media and our Liberal elected officials as the perpetual victims.

In violent confrontations where blacks are the obvious aggressors, their race is left for you to fill in.

When OJ slaughtered two whites, there were no riots or calls for retaliation against blacks. However, when a black is killed by a white police officer doing his duty to protect society, the race factor is rolled out and exploited by both black and white racial hucksters.

With the Civil War, ending nearly one hundred fifty years ago in which white federal troops suffered nearly 600,000 killed and wounded to abolish slavery, the myth of white bias still is being trumpeted by the purveyors of hate. We have a black president! Jews and Asians who have yet to achieve that level are not crying “Racial Bias!”

Let democracy take its course.

So while we are viewing and listening to blacks marching and calling for the deaths of police, let’s take a look at an area that has mysteriously escaped the scrutiny of our media and outspoken politicos.

Why the silence on black crime? There is no outcry about black criminality that has taken off like a rocket. According to federal figures, blacks account for the following numbers:

12.61 % of the population
42% of police murders
50% of all murders
32.5% of all rapes
34.15% of all assaults
55% of all robberies
91% of black murders

Where is the call for decency, morality and lawfulness on the part of the black community from the black president and his Attorney General? Where is the NAACP and the Urban League in their statements to reign in the obvious criminality of some of their brothers and sisters? Why subject the decent, law abiding blacks who are the true victims, to such daily violence?

I guess it’s easier to sell your people a line of nonsense that perpetuates the slavery and misery that should have ended years ago. It’s time for the black community to wake up and start looking for new leaders and a new party to lead them.