Fabulous News! A Gutted Military Can Help Us Militarize Police Forces


Already on the strees

Military vehicles are already on the streets of Banning Arizona.

One of the startling effects of gutting our military is the police get the military’s equipment, including armored trucks. Expect to see armored vehicles, some with machine-gun turrets, rolling down your streets one day.

The Pentagon is in the process of bringing our Army down to a size smaller than Turkeys and just slightly above Miramar’s and they need to get rid of the expensive battlefield vehicles. The police are only too eager to snatch them up.

We can expect to see 13,000 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles littered around the country. The 20-ton vehicles get a fantastic five miles per gallon and they are so necessary (yes, that is sarcasm dripping off the page).

The police can have them for free so of course they will take them.

Our country is losing the capability and credibility to maintain our own safety and security and that of our interests around the world. We have no national strategy to even determine what our troop strength should be. Under the guise of necessary savings, the cuts are being made to the fighting men and women in the most dangerous of times.  James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, said that the al Qaeda threat is as bad as it was in 2001. 

The Navy no longer has the capability to react to emergencies around the world and at the same time China is building up their Navy. Maybe our Navy can give their warships to the police also.

We won’t have a military that can protect us but we will have a third world approach to policing if this keeps up.

Armored trucks down city streets is very third world. It’s unAmerican.

The trucks being given to the police cost $500,000 apiece and are meant to protect soldiers from roadside bombs. If we ever build our Army back up, we will have to purchase these expensive vehicles all over again. Since we are no longer the economic power we once were and will continue to decline, we won’t be able to afford them necessarily.

Some of the trucks feature machine-gun turrets! Can’t wait to see them on the streets

The Ohio State University campus police force in South Carolina are one of the enthusiastic takers. It seems rather ridiculous.

The companies that make these trucks are laying off in droves – another side effect of Obama’s policies.

The government won’t pause, they will continue to push these trucks onto police forces or to the scrap heaps and they are doing so with undue haste.

To give you an idea of the speed with which the Obama Administration is operating, Navistar’s defense unit went from $2 billion a year in sales to $39 million and it’s still going down. Oshkosh predicts sales will fall 40% after dropping 23% in 2013. BAE is closing a truck plant in Sealy, Texas, for lack of work and is fighting to keep a York, Pa., plant afloat.

A lot of money was put into these vehicles and it makes no sense at all to eviscerate them and it isn’t very pleasant to think of them rolling down our country lanes. It sets a very different tone in our police departments.

For police, though, the bulky trucks project a show of force at hostage incidents, civil disturbances and other situations where SWAT officers with military-grade weapons, uniforms and helmets are deployed. Great! How did they ever manage before?

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