Fabulous! Sebelius Found a Fall Guy for Her Crazy Healthcare Site



Kathleen Sebelius look-alike (sort of) on SNL

Kathleen Sebelius, who Sen. Barrasso described as the world’s laughingstock, has found a fall guy for her horrible healthcare.gov rollout and it’s not the Tea Party except by default. She didn’t blame Bush for the Obamacare website failure either. She blamed Republicans. Awesome!

This woman had three years and a billion dollars to get the site working. She bragged about the great people working on it and, for the past three years, she told us how fabulous it would be, but she is now trying to claim that it’s the two weeks of a 17% shutdown of government that made it impossible for her to test the site.

The site was brought online before it was ready because Mr. Obama said October 1 was the start date, period.

The Administration selected a Canadian company and a British company with a history of serious problems. The Canadian company has a top executive who is tied to Michelle Obama which makes one wonder if they were selected out of cronyism. The Administration didn’t beta test the site. None of this is considered a contributing factor to the website failure by this Administration. They would have us believe that the problem is they were afraid of republicans!

Sebelius, who said she didn’t have time to test the site, has yet to explain why they hadn’t been beta testing for months or years actually.

Would ‘dingbat’ be too harsh a word to describe Sebelius, Queen of bad management decisions?

The arrogance of this woman is mind-blowing. Is she on crack, do you think?

Listen to this video for yourselves:

video via Fox News

In the next video, she says she hopes we enjoy the new site. I think all people who like to have bamboo shoots driven under their fingernails love the new site:

Check out this pre-shutdown June 28th interview with the Atlantic. The Atlantic was so trusting that they titled the article, “‘Healthcare.gov: Code Developed by the People and for the People, Released Back to the People. This new flagship federal .gov website is open by design, open by default. That’s a huge win for the American people.'”

They even described the website as historical. Actually, they are right about that. It’s an historical flop. It’s the Hindenburg of websites though not as successful.

These are some excerpts from the interview:

“It’s fast, built in static HTML, completely scalable and secure,” said Bryan Sivak, chief technology officer of HHS, in an interview. “It’s basically setting up a web server. That’s the beauty of it.”


The new site has been built in public for months, iteratively created on Github using cutting edge open-source technologies. Healthcare.gov is the rarest of birds: a next-generation website that also happens to be a .gov.


The people that helped to build the new Healthcare.gov are unusual: Instead of some obscure sub-contractor in a nameless office park in northern Virginia, the site was iteratively created by a cross-disciplinary team of developers and editors at HHS, and contractors at Teal Design, Edward Mullen Studio, and Development Seed, a scrappy startup in a garage in the District of Columbia.

“This is such a lean site,” said Jon Booth, head of the web and new media group at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in an interview. [Too lean perhaps?]


“The work that they’re doing is amazing,” said Sivak, “like how they organize their sprints and code. It’s incredible what can happen when you give a team of talented developers and managers and let them go.”

The new healthcare.gov will fill a yawning gap in the technology infrastructure according to The Atlantic.

An unfortunate interview!

Obviously the administration peeps were so impressed with themselves, they didn’t see much of a need to test the site.

Democratic Senator Manchin said something so sane. He said no one should be forced to buy more expensive, inferior healthcare:

video via Gateway Pundit

On an average, men in many age groups will pay 99% higher premiums and woman will pay 60% more, but at least the well-heeled Sandra Fluke doesn’t have to pay for her birth control and Grandma and Grandpa will have maternity coverage.

I’m starting to think that radio host Larry Kudlow has the right idea – don’t delay the individual mandate. Let them reap what they have sown – and let the American people experience what this disaster is all about so they finally say, ‘Enough!’ Republicans get blamed and insulted no matter how cogent their argument so it’s better people experience the insanity for themselves at this point.