Facebook Fact-Checker Thinks Donald Trump Is Tied to the KKK


Facebook’s fact-checker Snopes has a left-wing and odd staff that would impress Mother Jones. Fact-checker Arturo R. Garcia rails about “white privilege”, co-founder David Mikkelson is accused of embezzlement and spending Snopes earnings on prostitutes, his new wife was a porn actress, another employee is a “Domme”and fact-checker Bethania Palma has written articles trying to associate Donald Trump with the KKK.

Palma is also a defender of virulently racist college professor Saida Grundy and railed against “babbling” about anti-white racism.

“The fact so many people are babbling about ‘anti-white’ racism is testament to the complete breakdown and failure of education,” posted Palma on Twitter last year, along with the hashtag “#SaidaGrundy”, in reference to controversial college professor Saida Grundy.

Some of Palma’s articles include: “Donald Trump has some enthusiastic new admirers: White supremacists“, “The science of white privilege…“, “These conservatives are freaking out about Trump calling for Russian ‘cyber warfare’ against the US“, “WATCH: Donald Trump just gave his most f*cking bonkers press conference yet“, “Anti-debt crusader Rand Paul owes businesses more than $300,000 after failed 2016 campaign“, “Donald Trump Jr. claims Obama ‘plagiarized’ his RNC speech — and is promptly slapped down“, “Right-wing radio host questions the loyalty of Muslim dad whose son died serving US Army in Iraq“, “Republican National Convention staffers scrambling to remove Jim Crow-like ‘white elevators’ signs“, “WATCH: MSNBC interview gets heated when Tamron Hall confronts Trump-loving actor over sexist tweets“, “WATCH: CNN interview on Black Lives Matter spins out of control as conservative sheriff berates host“, and “White woman walks through Chicago’s South Side wearing ‘Black America, I’m sorry’ sign.”

Snopes allows her to do most of the fact-checking on Trump and his cabinet.

She is now a Facebook fake news fact-checker!

Read more background info by clicking the link.

Facebook Fact-Checkers Include Embezzler, Porn Actress, “Domme”, Pot Smoking Escort

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  1. We have been thru hell for the last 8 years. Give Mr. Trump a chance , just check what he has done so far. quit the crap. He will also get rid of the crooks.

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