Fact-checking Joe Biden During the VP Debates


If Joe Biden means what he says, he is more frightening than I imagined.

Four people died between the Benghazi consulate and the safe house, but that didn’t stop Joe Biden from lying about the events at Benghazi during the debates. Biden claimed the officials in Libya never asked for more security.

In fact, testimony at the House hearings last week proved that security personnel pleaded for more security in Benghazi, only to have their security detail reduced.

Biden tried to blame the intelligence community for not knowing that the Benghazi attack was due to a protest over an obscure movie trailer that few knew existed. That statement was debunked by Mr. Clapper who said he told the White House and the State Department that it was a terrorist attack by enemy operatives.

Biden also said that Catholics will not have to violate their conscience over the HHS mandate. The Catholic Bishops came out the next day and said that Biden’s statements were false.

Biden said he did not vote for the wars, but he did vote for the wars in 2001 and 2002.