Fake Maple Syrup Sellers Could Get A Worse Sentence Than A Murderer


Patrick Leahy, Socialist of Vermont, who runs as a Democrat, wants to make it a federal crime to mislabel fake maple syrup as maple syrup. He made this proposal after his state received a $70,000 grant to help market Vermont maple syrup.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll feel much safer with all fake maple syrup makers in a federal dungeon somewhere.

Sen. Leahy keeping us safe.Read here: Yahoo news

Who the hell cares about his Vermont syrup anyway? The country is going down the tubes and he’s worrying about syrup.

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Sara Noble, B.A. English Literature, St. John's University; M.S. Education, M.A. Administration, Hofstra University. World traveler. Worked with children as a teacher and school administrator for three decades. Published in educational journals, children's mystery magazines, and was an editor at This Week Magazine. I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, values the Constitution as intended, and does not encourage a nanny state under the casuistic banner of "the common good".