Fake News CNN Covers for Their Fake News Reports with More Fake News


After CNN’s false reporting on the Mueller Russia investigation, host Chris Cuomo falsely claimed that it isn’t his network that is promulgating “misinformation calculated to deceive,” but the White House instead.

“Of course there are rules. Of course when a mistake is made you do immediately disclose it and apologize for it, that is what has happened,” host Alisyn Camerota chimed in. “But they are resetting the rules, certainly the rules of engagement in the press briefing room.”

“Well hold on a second, let’s not let it go that quick. The hypocrisy, the irony that Sarah Sanders is going to look at people and say, ‘you know there’s just this stream of misinformation that is calculated to deceive,’ yeah, coming from you!” said host Chris Cuomo. “Coming from the podium, coming from the president by definition.”

“They put out things that they know are not true or are used to conceal what they don’t want you to know, and they do it routinely, and when it gets exposed, they blame the media,” Cuomo continued. “Which is fair play, it has always happened that way in politics, you can argue the degree, and whether or not its right but it certainly the state of play, but to put that on the media I just, I don’t get where they think this is going to get them except for their one little concentrated base.”

CNN has been devoting their reporting to destroying the President. They just reported that Donald Trump Jr. had an illicit encryption key from Wikileaks but they had the date wrong by 10 days. He had the key when we all had it.

They also reported the fake Brian Ross news story without verifying. Ross said Flynn was going to testify that Trump told Flynn to contact Russians before the election. Wrong!

Listen to Chris Cuomo say it’s the White House lying and blaming the media while they are completely innocent.


  1. People have done montages of all the fake news and lies the media has spewed out yet they claim all the lies put out by Sarah and the President. WHAT are all those lies. Those on the street are asked and repeat the media saying Trump Lies but cannot name a single instance. The evidence is overwhelmingly one-sided.

  2. One of my favorite’s was when Trump was giving a press conference during his campaign, he sarcastically said “hey Russia, maybe you can help us find Hillary’s 30 thousand missing e-mails” CNN immediately cut back to the host where he claimed Trump just asked the Russians to hack Hillarys e-mails, Total BS taken out of context, Hillary had already deleted the e-mails, had the server Bleach-Bitted, and the FBI had possession of the server at the time he said this, to this day I have seen at judicial hearings where dems repeat that same lie of Trump asking the Russians to hack her e-mails, they do this on a daily basis, twist and turn what was said,

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