Fake News Network NBC Reports That Terror Attacker Artan Was a “Very, Very Nice Person”, “Loved America”


One would hate to imagine what Artan would have been like if he hated America and wasn’t such a great guy. He wasn’t just a nice person, he was a “very, very nice person” who “loved America”.

Putting the sarcasm aside for a moment, how can we take mainstream media seriously when they write stories like this one, excusing terrorists and refusing to call them what they are?

Artan, the crazed, now deceased, terror attacker at Ohio State University was a “sweet and humble” person who “could never do such a thing”, the report said.

Yes siree.

He was so grateful to go to school at taxpayer expense.

“…friends of the Somali refugee said Tuesday that the screed and the violence that followed it did not square with the mild-mannered Somali refugee they knew.

“He actually loved America,” Ameer Kadar, who last saw Artan two weeks ago, told NBC News. “He loved the fact of the opportunity he had here to go to school… He loved the fact that he was able to get a college degree.”

Haroon Khan, who met Artan and his family when they lived in Pakistan, said he could not believe the young man plowed his car into a crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife before being shot dead by a police officer.

“He was a very sweet and humble person,” Khan said. “He can never do such an act, honestly.”

He also had an easy smile and a close-knit family. Apparently, they were the Cleaver family. He played Cricket and prayed five times a day. “He was a very, very nice person,”  His friend Khan said.

His neighbor said he was a very, very friendly. And he was smart too, graduating cum laude from community college.

He struggled to find a place to pray at Ohio State, he told people.

Aside from the terrorist comments, his Facebook page was a fun compilation of personal views.

Artan’s Facebook page was a mélange of personal news and current events. There were pictures of him looking happy: posing with a man in a Ronald McDonald costume, smiling with his sister on graduation day.

About Fidel, he said this:

Two days before the attacks he posted about the death of Fidel Castro, calling him “a hero for many and a villain for many.”

Authorities are perplexed as to motive, NBC reported.

Investigators have not yet pinpointed a motive for Monday’s ambush, which sent 11 people to the hospital, but none with life-threatening injuries.

They have clues though!

But the Facebook post is a valuable clue to Artan’s state of mind as they try to determine if the ambush was rooted in terrorism or if he had a personal problem or grudge that pushed him over the edge.

Artan was a Somali Muslim refugee, angry over the treatment of Rohingya refugees, and who spoked glowingly of Amwar al Awalaki, who used the tactics of ISIS who took credit for the attack.

It’s hard to even imagine why he could have done what he did, being he was such a great guy.

John Kasich will probably turn out to be right, we will never know what made him do what he did. The ‘fake news’ networks will make certain of that.