Famous Democrat Congressman Tells CNN Host He Will Boycott Trump’s Inauguration



Open Borders Congressman Luis Gutierrez announced in an interview with CNN that he will boycott the inauguration of Donald Trump due to controversial and dividing comments. Somehow I don’t think Trump will miss him.

Trump wants legal immigration and Gutierrez does not.

The Illinois Democrat, who spoke out against Trump at the Democratic National Convention, says the President-elect spews, “hatred, bigotry and prejudice,” despite his plans to bring the country together.

Representative Gutierrez added that he will not support a man who plans to,”turn back the clock on women and turn back the clock on immigrants and the safety and freedom that we fought for them.”

AOL wrote, Immigration is an important issue to Gutierrez, who was arrested in 2010 during an immigration reform rally in Washington.he congressman and his wife plan to participate in protests against Trump in Washington next month.

The arrest was one of the staged, fake arrests the left likes to do to get in the newspapers.

During the CNN interview, he carried on about women being in the kitchen and voices being squashed.

When Gutierrez isn’t feeding campaign dollars to his family, he’s traveling the country, telling illegal immigrants how they can stay here illegally and claim benefits; he’s opposed to any deportation, wants full amnesty for all illegals, supports sanctuary cities, called Kate Steinle’s death “a little thing”, and is basically a bad U.S. citizen.

Luis is allegedly a former Marxist though there is no evidence he has abandoned any of his Marxist ideals. He has promised his followers that he will fight for full amnesty.

In Bakersfield in 2013, he spoke to a room full of Chicanos waving the Nationalist Socialist flag. Chicanos are a radical gout who want to reclaim the southwest for Mexico. They call the land Aztlan.