Famous Justice Roberts Traitors In History


Benedict Arnold Roberts chose to add punitive taxing power to the government’s already far-reaching tax power.

Judas Iscariot Roberts chose to betray his colleagues to support the leftists because he was cowed by the threats from Obama, Congress and the media.

Brutus Roberts stunned the American people. Over half of the people in the country counted on him. It was his court that stood between sanity and tyranny, but no longer, thanks to Brutus Roberts.

Mata Hari Roberts betrayed her nation and made the federal government all powerful because s/he was cowed by the media.


Worst of all is Justice John Roberts who issued an idiotic ruling and needs to stop smiling. Most people dislike him now. Forget respect for him and his court, he hasn’t earned that.

This new taxing power of the government will be abused. They will make you do things you don’t want to do or suffer the penalty/tax they levy. One only has to look at history to know this is the beginning of a tyrannical government. You might not have to buy Volts today, but tomorrow, tomorrow is another day.