Farrakhan Is Fighting a Race War of His Own Making



via Fox Nation

In an interview with YourBlackWorld.net, Louis Farrakhan talked about his reaction to the new Jamie Foxx movie, “Django Unchained.”

During the interview, he railed on against white people killing blacks, which is an obsession of his.

The statistics don’t back him up.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that as of 2011 violent crime has dropped significantly since 1993 but from 2010 to 2011, there has been a steady increase in serious violent crime.

Victimization of males, women and children has increased.

Astoundingly, seven thousand blacks are murdered each year and 94% of the perpetrators are blacks. Most of the crime is in the urban areas where gangs are prevalent.

The killing of Trayvon Martin is still being used as an example of blacks being murdered by whites when in fact, his killer is half Hispanic and identifies himself as Hispanic. When we do the stats in school and a child is half-white and half-minority, the state has advised us to report them as they see themselves.

The epidemic we are facing is not whites killing blacks, it is blacks killing blacks in gang-ridden areas of cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Oakland, Newark, Trenton but all we hear about is Trayvon Martin whose killer was identified by others as white. The Martin case was used to drum up race hatred by people like Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and others.

People like Farrakhan refuse to help their neighborhoods by telling them the truth and confronting the issues honestly. We have a gang problem, one that is tied to drugs and a lack of good education and  jobs.

At 11:20 in this interview, Farrakhan says, “To me, the movie had a purpose,” Farrakhan said. “If a black man came out of that movie thinking like Django and white people came out of that movie seeing the slaughter of white people and they are armed to the teeth, it’s preparation for a race war.”

Race war? Farrakhan is a trouble maker who divides this country and encourages the anger and hate in the areas that need love the most, all the while pretending he is a man of God and love.

He claims he is fighting for freedom for his people. Check out this story about Officer Philip Cardillo for some history on Farrakhan and his freedom fighters.

This is a man who could do so much good but instead he preaches hate. He refuses to see the truth and nothing will ever get better for the people he purports to love as long as he does this.

To put a little more reality on this situation. The Tuskagee Institute reports that between 1968 and 1982, 3,446 blacks were lynched at the hands of whites. It is hard to believe but I imagine most of it was done by KKK types who happened to have been Democrats at the time. In fact, the KKK forced people to become Democrats in those days. People dont’ seem to realize that the KKK was a purely Democratic party movement and it was not limited to the South.

Fortunately that type of crime is not the case now, but unfortunately the mayhem in poor black urban areas is shocking and unacceptable. They can take guns away from lawful gun owners, Farrakhan care rail against white people and Jews, but none of that will have any effect on the gang violence.

Farrakhan could do so much good but he does the opposite. Young blacks will continue to die. Farrakhan will continue his narcissistic rants. When will it end? There are good people out there trying to make their voices heard. Let’s hope that happens soon.

I remember when Bill Cosby bought up all the episodes of Our Gang Comedy because he felt they were demeaning to the black children. I remember the episodes making all the children look silly and lovable, not just the black children. It was a silly show with silly children and that’s what made it funny. Bill Cosby is entitled to his opinion but where is he now as Oxygen puts on a reality show with an idiot rapper who appears with the 10 women who fathered his 11 babies?

Why is this demeaning show being put on TV? They played a clip from an interview with this jerk rapper today and I couldn’t even understand what he was saying except that he said he supports them all. Big deal. He should support them. He should also care about the role model he is setting. When he tried to name his children he couldn’t seem to remember their names.

Why doesn’t Al Sharpton demand it be taken off because it is promoting a nasty stereotype.

Why doesn’t Farrakhan speak out against this?

Black people need to rebel. They need to stop listening to people like Farrakhan for starters.