Farrakhan’s Sketchy Charity Received Over $100,000 in Farm Subsidies


I have come to the conclusion that we do need social justice to deal with the income inequality. My definition of social justice is different from the far-left’s however. The corrupt groups on the far-left need to be reigned in so there is money for the rest of us.

watchdog groupOpen the Books, has exposed how federal farm subsidies are being used in a report titled,“Farm Subsidies and the Big Dogs.” The report is based on data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture & information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Farm subsidies have little to do with farms. Farm subsidies have become a corrupt scheme with money being shelled out,in some cases, to questionable people in big cities.

In Chicago, more than $6.12 million in federal farm subsidies went to groups in Chicago including the charity owned by Louis Farrakhan’s The Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan’s group is listed as ‘not in good standing’ but that hasn’t stopped the subsidies.  His group, ‘Three Years Economic Savings, Inc., which is listed at his home address, received approximately $103,529 between 2008 and 2011, making it the 12th highest farm subsidy recipient in the Chicago area,’ according to the blaze. They also received a nearly $28,000 loan.

New York City and other metropolitan areas are getting these ‘farm’ subsidies.

“Billions in U.S. Farm Subsidies flowed to only 10,806 Recipients — each receiving at least $250,000” between 2008 and 2011, the report notes. “Each received an (average) of $417,316.”

Chicago farm subsidy areas

Chicago ‘farm’ areas

We keep hearing about the evil Republicans who won’t give the farmers their subsidies when in fact, 70% of it is welfare and much of that is going to these sketchy charities.

The Farrakhan situation is an absolute disgrace. Farrakhan is anti-white, anti-semitic man who has fomented trouble his entire life. He famously said Hitler was ‘a great man.’ His Nation of Islam is nothing to laud. Members of his Mosque have been connected to violence and crime.

The idea of taxpayer money going to people like Farrakhan unchecked is a national disgrace. We would have money for the poor if the money wasn’t being wasted on the likes of Farrakhan.

Source: the blaze.