Proof: Fast & Furious Was Intended to Limit the Second Amendment


The Fast & Furious documents recently released were held back by the DOJ until the news cycle was long past because the claim by conservatives that the administration was using the program to justify limiting the Second Amendment was true.

On p. 15 of the documents is this paragraph:

“These cases demonstrate the ongoing trafficking of firearms by Mexican DTO’s and other associated groups operating in Arizona and the need for reporting of multiple sales for certain types of rifles in order to ferret out those intent on providing firearms to these criminal groups.”

Fast & Furious involved many departments and it is not plausible to believe Eric Holder knew nothing of it. In fact, it’s most probably that he orchestrated it.

On p. 14:

“The Fast and Furious investigation is just one of a number of firearms trafficking cases perfected by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Strike Force, a multi-agency team of investigators from ATF, DEA, ICE, IRS, and the Phoenix Police Department.”

There is a lot in the 60 pages and I encourage people to read them for themselves.

This administration sold arms to drug cartels and never tracked them so they could limit our Second Amendment rights. They wanted gun bans and a national registry.

Univision did an expose on it. There were a lot of Mexicans killed as a result of this program.

The DOJ destroyed whistleblowers to keep their treachery quiet.

Five ATF officials were blamed for the Fast & Furious debacle. They are former head of the ATF Kenneth Melson, special agent in charge in Phoenix Bill Newell, Deputy Assistant Director William McMahon, Assistant Director Mark Chait, and Deputy Director William Hoover.

None of these men paid the price. Newell was transferred and Hoover retired. Chait was demoted but is still listed as the head of the Baltimore office. William McMahon was promoted to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations which was seen as a warning by this administration to agency whistle blowers. Melson moved to the Office of  Legal Policy.

The whistleblowers by contrast have paid the price. Click here to find out what happened to the whistleblowers whose lives and careers have been severely damaged or destroyed.

The conservatives were ridiculed by Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama administration for claiming Fast & Furious was used to destroy the Second Amendment but it was.

Valerie Jarrett was a key player in the coverup.

We should be very concerned about an administration that operates like a tinpot dictatorship but we don’t seem to be. Obama is basking in a 48% approval rating according to a recent CNN/ORC poll.

Hillary tried to use Fast & Furious to sell gun control. The mantra at the time was the U.S. was responsible for the drug cartels in Mexico.


Read Sheryl Attkisson’s story and the 60-page document