Fast Track Is Pre-Approval of TPP And Obama’s Global Climate Change Agenda


Fast track is, in essence, pre-approval of TPP itself. It takes a certain amount of faith to believe Mr. Obama will negotiate reasonably and that TPP is worth the risk, not that the people have a thing to say about it.

Once Congress grants the president “fast-track authority” to negotiate the TPP (TransPacific Partnership Treaty), Congress will no longer be able to make changes and approval will only require a simple vote of one-third plus one, instead of the 67 senatorial votes required for treaties. In other words, President Obama can negotiate the treaty and the draft, which only some in Congress have read, and it can then be altered without a pre-approval process, as best I understand it.

Mr. Obama will use TPP to further his environmental agenda. He recently said exactly that on both NPR and on Hardball. What other agenda items could TPP be used for? He makes his own rules.

There are two different sides to this argument.

Both Rep. Ryan and Sen. Cruz have said that fast track strengthens the U.S. bargaining position for this very important deal.

Ninety-six percent of U.S. customers are outside the country and one in five U.S. jobs depends on trade.

In a co-authored article in the Wall Street Journal, Rep. Ryan and Sen. Cruz wrote that “Manufacturing jobs tied to trade pay 16% more on average, according to a study released by the independent U.S. International Trade Commission.”

They also wrote that Mr. Obama must meet certain objectives:

First, it must pursue nearly 150 specific negotiating objectives, like beefing up protections for U.S. intellectual property or eliminating kickbacks for government-owned firms.

Second, the administration must consult regularly with Congress and meet high transparency standards.

And third, before anything becomes law, Congress gets the final say. The Constitution vests all legislative power in Congress.

The 34 votes can be easily met by Democrats and this appears to diminish the Republican power in Congress, however, without it, Barack Obama would do it anyway.

If we don’t get this deal, international corporations will send more business overseas or they will leave altogether.

Many Americans don’t trust Mr. Obama which is why this deal is concerning to conservatives. He can use it to advance his leftist agenda and erode our freedoms and our sovereignty if he puts his mind to it. Both UberLiberals and some Conservatives are concerned about the trade deal negatively impacting jobs here in the United States.

During his recent NPR Marketplace interview, Barack Obama said he sees TPP as a way to enforce his Progressive aka extremist climate change goals.

He’s god now and he wants to  “solve” climate change.

Barack Obama is hoping China will join the agreement/deal/treaty but he has already given these serious carbon emitters until 2030 to begin considering reducing their carbon emissions while the U.S. has committed to a 28% reduction from the already lowered 2005 levels.

If we don’t go along with TPP,  we risk the Chinese doing their own trade deal. However, is fast track really necessary? It leaves the American people out of the process for the sake of political expediency.

Anything Obama does with treaties disguised as deals could be used to expand his agenda in this country which should raise some concerns about TPP.

This is a man who is delusional about most things including the U.S. economy. It’s amazing how he can talk about this great economy when 93 million Americans are out of work.

In 2013 CBS reported that the economy, which is flat, will remain flat throughout his term according to a study and that has come to pass.

Since the end of the Great Recession, the unemployment rate has improved primarily because of a drop in the labor participation rate and not the number of people getting new jobs. From 2006 to 2013, the rate dropped by 2.75 percent, from 66.1 percent to 63.4 percent.

The study found that the “decline in the unemployment rate will be based on the new normal of fewer people working”.

To Obama, his new normal is great and the problem is that we the stupid people can’t see it since we’ve been so traumatized by Bush’s economy.

Mr. Obama has had seven years to improve the economy but he is still blaming Bush. His answer to his failed policies is to have more of them. If his policies can improve the economy, why didn’t they?

He said recently that TPP will improve our economic position in the world.

In April, he said the economy has grown significantly even though it has flatlined. He said the people have a right to be concerned about growing inequality even though he has made it more unequal.

In this next video, he says the environmental and labor mandates were in a side agreement and they couldn’t be fined – now they can be. Great – more regulations on the things that matter to the leftists.

Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the conservative Republicans who is on the same side as the far-left when it comes to TPP.

His biggest concern is the “Living Agreement” aspect of the deal which would allow it to be completely or partially rewritten at any time by this foreign commission of nations, dictating American domestic issues of labor, immigration, environmental, and commercial policy.

In an unanswered letter to the president which was published at Breitbart, Sen. Sessions wrote:

Reviewing the secret text, plus the secret guidance document that accompanies it, reveals that this new transnational commission – chartered with a “Living Agreement” clause – would have the authority to amend the agreement after its adoption, to add new members, and to issue regulations impacting labor, immigration, environmental, and commercial policy.

Under this new commission, the Sultan of Brunei would have an equal vote to that of the United States.

Pre-surrendering constitutional powers for fast track should not be done, he believes, without first holding a public debate.

Sessions added that “to adopt fast track is to agree to remove the constitutional protections against the creation of global governance structures before those structures are even made public.”

If true, that this is a framework for global governance, that is unacceptable. Trade deals haven’t set up global structures in the past but they do supersede our Constitution.

The only people who will have no role in TPP are the American people themselves. The power Congress is surrendering is the people’s voice.

The Sentinel likes trade agreements but with this president, fast track is concerning without the added protection of more transparency beforehand. Trade deals are generally kept secret but to have absolutely no information is absurd. We know that there is a “living agreement” so why can’t that be discussed?

There’s something untoward going on when the people are not permitted to have any information whatsoever.

Not better informing the public is a government way too powerful.