Faux News Channel CNN Airs Unvetted Audio of Brown Shooting


We don’t know if the audio of the Michael Brown shooting is real or not but CNN is now worried that it was fabricated. The once-legitimate TV news station aired it without vetting it first. It sounds like a bad joke and there is good reason to think it’s a hoax.

CNN, TMZ, and Gawker fell for what might be an audio hoax. CNN played it day and night yesterday.

CNN is now worried it was a hoax but did you notice how they didn’t worry before they aired it?

They were, however, too worried to air the video of the Gentle Giant robbing the convenience store shortly before he was shot. They said they heard about the video but couldn’t authenticate it.

They sure didn’t authenticate the audio.

The audio is of a would-be lothario charming his girlfriend while eleven gun shots are heard in the background.

It’s not surprising that CNN played it. The audio and the Ferguson case in general have been a phenomenal ratings bonanza for CNN plus they like to tout the race-baiting White House’s line.

Each time it was played, the CNN anchors and hosts noted that the sound could not be independently verified by the network.

On Wednesday morning, CNN’s Michaela Pereira invited two former law enforcement officials on the program to discuss the authenticity of the tape.

“I’ve told your producers that for all I know this is one of Howard Stern’s punk people,” former LAPD officer David Klinger said. “It came out, what, two weeks after the event, and so I don’t have a high degree of confidence in it.”

“But, it could be real,” he added without much enthusiasm.

Klinger noted that his first inclination is “someone is trying to punk CNN.”

The tape could be used to back up both Brown’s and Wilson’s supporters. It has no evidentiary value.

The tape is being analyzed by the Feds.

CNN is the network that gave us 24-hour faux coverage of missing flight MH 370, calling it a ghost plane, considering the possibility of space aliens, and bringing in a psychic to determine the location of the plane, as any responsible network would do.

Listen to the audio below with one person’s interpretation from TeamWakeEmUp. It’s pretty funny.

The lothario on the audio isn’t deterred from his sales pitch to the unknown girl as odd-sounding gun shots ring out in the background. He doesn’t even notice. It took him two weeks to notice!