Faux Story About Martial Law in Brooklyn Sounds Like Occupiers to Me


all my heroes kill cops

I think the Occupiers are trying to stage a comeback. The alternative “media” is reporting that there have been four days of riots in Brooklyn over the death of a 16-year old boy in East Flatbush.

The claim is that the youth was shot down by police and that the police have in turn declared martial law. The youth allegedly pulled a gun on the police . A gun traced back to Florida was found at the scene.

This story has OWS (Occupy Wall Street) written all over it to me.

The Examiner actually posted the absurd story about martial law. I haven’t gone to Brooklyn and can’t prove they are Occupiers but I would bet the family car on it. Bloomberg might do ridiculous nanny-things but, along with Ray Kelly, he has done an excellent job of policing the city and he does not declare martial law.

The Occupiers like to exploit tragedies to further their extremist causes and someone is going into East Flatbush and riling up the youth. If not them, who?

The OWS are really on the fringe of society and they do not like the police or the establishment. They are looking for a cause with the police at the center of the attacks.

For all the insults hurled at the the Tea Party, there are no incidents of violent or criminal behavior in that group. In the case of the OWS, there are endless examples of criminal behavior. Most Occupiers were down on Wall Street to foment rebellion from what I could see.

Remember when dingbat Pelosi said this:

A wing of the Occupiers, the Black Bloc Anarchists, is particularly concerning. This is a minority of people but they bear watching.