FBI Dir Promised to Open Up Hillary Probe Depending on What IG Finds


Lou Dobbs interviewed Congressman Andy Biggs Tuesday about the latest rumor from the President’s team that Trump will be exonerated early next year but Dobb’s also hearing that the Mueller probe will continue throughout 2018. Dobbs believes Mueller is hoping to affect the election.

Biggs said Mueller’s team was put together to do exactly that. He added that the bias and collusion were coming from the FBI.

Congressman Biggs would like to see the entire leadership team fired but then he added something very interesting.

Depending on what irregularities the Inspector General Mike Horowitz finds, FBI Director Christopher Wray promised that as far as the Hillary probe is concerned, “he can unring that bell”.


  1. It’s just another stall. The report will be delayed then hushed or ignored by the DOJ. The DOJ strategy to get through this crisis they caused is to stall, hush and ignore.

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