FBI Director Comey Says Russia Poses “Greatest Threat of Any Nation on Earth”


The FBI Director gave no new information about the investigation into Russian collusion by some Trump team members and he repeated his belief that Russia preferred Trump because they “hated” Hillary Clinton. He presented no proof – this is his opinion as it is the opinion of other intel officials.

Comey could not comment on any specific person being investigated over contact with Russia, but he has advised the ranking committee chairman who that person or persons are.

The President seems less-than-thrilled with his FBI Director.

Many think Comey is a threat to national security.

The left-wingers on social media are angry that the right-wing isn’t discussing Russia’s attempts to interfere in U.S. elections. In prior hearings, Director Comey has said that he did not believe Russia impacted the election, but today, he said “It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election, but honestly it wouldn’t change the decision.”

Comey emphasized Wednesday that Russia does pose the “greatest threat of any nation on Earth”.

He wants to keep the Russia story alive.

Given this, why was Hillary “extremely careless” with classified emails? Why did she okay the sale of a U.S. uranium mine destined for Russian ownership? Why were Hillary and Podesta involved in selling US technology to Russia that could be used for military and nuclear purposes against the advice of the FBI and U.S. Army Intelligence? Why does no one in authority care?

Why didn’t anyone question Obama’s visible collusion with Russia?


  1. Comey is like a 4 year old toddler, he is too simple minded to realize some things he says contradict other things he says.

    If Russia is the biggest danger, why is he ok with Hillary having done deals with Russia that make this danger worse?

    Either Russia is a threat or it is not, Russia can not be safe when Democrats sell them secrets or parts or the uranium US business, and at the same time be a danger when Russia is “friendly” with Trump.

    Liberals tell so many lies they can not keep track of their own lies and since the media covers for them and protects them, they do not care much that what they say does not hold water, the media will spin it into Trump is a big meannie!!

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