FBI Director Sped Through 650k Emails, Gave Corrupt, “Extremely Careless” Hillary a Pass


comeyFBI Director James Comey announced Sunday that the FBI will not change their July conclusions after reviewing the data on the Weiner laptop. Miraculously, Comey and his team were able to get through 650,000 emails in a week after taking a year-and-a-half for the first investigation. Hillary is not to be held criminally liable for endangering national security with her “extremely careless” handling of classified emails.

Most emails were allegedly duplicates. The fact that they were on Weiner’s laptop doesn’t matter apparently.

Also apparently, the fact that Hillary’s maid handled her classified documents for years is irrelevant. However the investigations about the Foundation continues.

There will be no more announcements before Tuesday.

All Comey actually said is “‘that Hillary didn’t email Huma or Weiner clear intent messages like ‘delete all the emails now.’ That’s it,'” Stefan Molyneux tweeted.

The Comey statement:


If you are aware of what Hillary has done and how she has accomplished nothing in her career and you still vote for her, where are your standards? She’s a corrupt, programmed liar who will act as a puppet of George Soros.

One should keep in mind that Clinton has not refuted any of the Wikileaks emails. Quick, someone send the emails to Comey.

The Clinton campaign issued a statement that they were glad the issue was “resolved”.

Speaker Paul Ryan issued his own statement.

Donald Trump has the answer as to why this happened. The system is rigged and she is “protected”.

Hillary is out in Cleveland screaming about jobs she will create with more stimulus. She has never created jobs. She is claiming that jobs will miraculously appear with climate change though that does not create jobs, it kills jobs.

Her agenda is 100% Socialist and she has been summarizing that in Ohio Sunday.

She wants paid family leave, stimulus, climate change bills, free college, minimum wages decided by the Feds, phony tax the rich nonsense as if that could possibly pay for all this, and she actually said she will do all this without adding a penny to the national debt.

You might want to take this poll for fun.

This is what former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova said on October 28th.