FBI Docs Confirm Hillary Was Rotten to Secret Service, Put Lives in Danger


The FBI documents released on Monday contain 100 pages of some fairly damning information. In addition to confirming the State Department attempted to bribe the FBI into changing markings on classified docs, they reveal a treacherous Hillary Clinton, not only in her treatment of agents but in her inability to listen to anyone to the point she put agents, media, others lives in danger for photo opportunities.

The documents are summaries of a number of interviews conducted by the FBI during the email investigation and one is with a woman who served as an agent with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

As we have heard in other reports by agents who wrote books saying the same thing, Hillary’s treatment of agents is deplorable.

“[Redacted] explained that Clinton’s treatment of DS agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” the interview summary says. “Prior to Clinton’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of Clinton’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.”

The agent said other Secret Service agents told her the same thing.

Ronald Kessler has written several books about the Secret Service, and claims about Clinton treating agents nastily in private are numerous (Bill and Chelsea Clinton are described in a positive manner).

She was disrespectful of US ambassadors as well.

“From her own experience, and information obtained through [redacted] and other agents, [redacted] described a ‘stark difference’ between [Condoleezza] Rice and Clinton with regard to obedience to security and diplomatic protocols,” the summary says. “Rice observed strict adherence to State Department security and diplomatic protocols while Clinton frequently and ‘blatantly’ disregarded them.”

Hillary would not follow standard protocol and ride with the ambassadors in foreign countries which is a sign of disrespect.

“CLINTON refused to do so, instead choosing to be accompanied in the limousine by her Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol,” the summary says. Clinton’s breaches of protocol, it adds, were “well-known throughout Diplomatic Security and were ‘abundant.’”

Then there is Hillary’s refusal to listen to anyone, even when safety is involved. This is the woman who wouldn’t listen to intelligence, Congress or the generals and invaded Libya which is now a failed state.

Another agent described how Clinton put all their lives in danger, refusing to listen to the Secret Service. That’s probably the attitude she takes with her unlimited immigration plans.

“The DS advance team recommended against traveling to this area because the route could not be secured and was lined with dangerous circumstances and individuals,” the agent said, according to the FBI’s summary. “She wanted it,” so it happened.

“DS agents felt this excursion into potentially hostile areas placed Clinton, her staff, the media, and her security detail in unnecessary danger in order to conduct a photo-op for ‘her election campaign,’” the summary continues. “DS agents had the perception that Clinton was using her position as Secretary of State to campaign for President of the United States.”

She also traveled with her “friendly” reporters only.

The agent added that it was the perception of Diplomatic Security that Clinton “traveled with hand-picked media who would present her in favorable light in order to garner political support.”

No matter what was said, she endangered peoples’ lives for a photo-op.

“[Redacted] initially declined to respond to Clinton’s request; however, repeated demands by CLINTON forced him to open his window despite the danger to himself and the occupants,” the summary says.



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