FBI Is Moving Quickly and Hillary Is One Email Away From Prison



Hillary Clinton could be one email away from prison, according to Gov. Bobby Jindal. In the least, she controlled her documents to write her own history like they do in tinpot dictatorships.

Out of 40 emails reviewed by the Inspector General, 4 of them or 10% had classified information on them. Generally, 10% is a statistically significant sample and it indicates there are probably a lot more.

This is supported by information from the State Department.

The top lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committee were notified last week that the extent of classified information on Mrs. Clinton’s private email server was likely far more extensive than the four emails publicly acknowledged last week as containing some sensitive spy agency secrets.

The intelligence community fears hundreds of secrets are involved.

Sean Hannity interviewed a former CIA agent Claire Lopez and Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of The American Center for Law and Justice on his radio show this afternoon.

There was a bad connection with Agent Lopez in the audio below but stick with it, she is worth straining to hear. Jay Sekulow can be heard clearly and he continues the very intense discussion after Sean cuts her off because of the bad connection.

Sekulow said that when an official in a position like Hillary Clinton’s is in possession of classified information and fails to retain those documents and in her case, wiped the server clean, “that’s a crime”, Sekulow said.

He continued. Another statute makes it a felony when any government official willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, obliterates, mutilates, falsifies or destroys classified documents, he said.

One of the Hillary emails was so Top Secret that it had secret code words on it, Ms. Lopez said. She said it will be years before we know how much damage was done because of this breach, if our enemies have this confidential information, and it’s most likely that they have it, according to the intelligence community.

“This compromises her ability to govern,” Sekulow said. She could be blackmailed for instance.

Just this week, John Kerry said he was certain the Russians and Chinese were reading his emails and he keeps that in mind when he emails.

It’s more than her criminality here, Sekulow continued, it’s the fact that she compromised national security. Real enemies probably have this information and they can hold it over the head of Hillary as president. It’s a “gigantic national security breach”. There is “serious criminality here” and we have to look at what it means for the country.

These enemies now include a more powerful Iran. Russian warships were in Iran just this week. They are our enemies and they could have this information.

We don’t even know what Clinton deleted. How could she have 33,000 emails on her daughter’s wedding and yoga lessons? Why would she wipe it clean? Who does that? How many government officials are doing this?

The FBI will investigate Clinton and her aides. Sekulow said they are moving fairly aggressively and there is no way turning the server over is a voluntary compliance. The FBI doesn’t ask, they tell.

We have to know who is violating the law in this case and what it means to us and our allies.

Sekulow doesn’t believe the president will protect Hillary because she’s not his choice for president. Most likely that’s true for many reasons, but one might guess Obama would want a radical socialist instead of Clinton.

David Kendall, an attorney for Clinton, informed the Benghazi committee that Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department have been permanently erased. Are they erased or was the server scrubbed? If they are only personal emails, there would be no need to scrub the server.

For twenty months, the Hillary Clinton emails were left on her personal server and it wasn’t until the House Benghazi committee requested the server records that she decided to erase the documents on the server. Rep. Trey Gowdy who heads up the Benghazi committee said he doesn’t think it “passes the laugh test.”



  1. The problem is: There are many traitors, they should be prosecuted and apply death penalty if possible in order to teach the future generations what’s right.

  2. “10% is a statistically significant sample”, sample size would be the 40, also needs some form of justification as given the thousands of emails and a potentially high variance 40 might not even be enough.

  3. If she’s giving away any of our confidential information she should go to prison for treason. We are to protect our country against all enemies foreign and domestic …. But let’s see what will happen, she wiggle her way out.

  4. That good old boy from S.C. will untangle this web that Hillary wove. Then the lies will be exposed!!!! Maybe Hillary can stay in the jail cell that she put that feller in on here lie about the, so called movie that is the cause of four dead Americans. But in her words “What does it matter”. Well she’ll soon find out real soon, what it does matter.

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