FBI, Media, Democrat Politicians Lied to Us All Week About the Memo


We have been lied to all week about the alleged “classified” information, the “sources and methods” that we were told would be compromised, if the FISA abuse memo was released. That lie should concern Americans if nothing else does.

Anyone who read the FISA abuse memo knows that we have been lied to all week long. There is nothing in the memo that is classified nor is there anything in it that compromises sources and methods. Those warnings by the media and the “grave concerns” of the FBI were lies.

Their embarrassment and cover up of the Obama administration spying methods are not reasons to keep this information from the public.


Media and the FBI desperately attempted to keep the memo from the public. CNN’s Rangappa claimed that whatever is disclosed by the FISA abuse memo “may help the Russians”. An MSNBC guest Barbara McQuade told the host that releasing the memo “might get someone killed”.

Sen. Cory Booker declared plans to release the memo are “treasonous.” In fact, the only treason was committed by the FBI and the Democrats.

One GOP representative agrees. He is calling the FBI agents who lied to get the FISA warrant “traitors”. Republican Rep. Paul Gosar (Ariz.) said the FBI’s surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser detailed in a controversial intelligence memo released Friday “constitutes treason.”

Gosar said in a statement that he will co-author a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions seeking “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation,” referring to those who authorized the surveillance warrant.

It’s ironic that Democrats and media are attacking Devin Nunes when Bill and Hillary are the white collar Bonnie and Clyde. Despite obvious guilt, Hillary was exonerated and the Bill and Hillary pay-to-play Foundation is still operating freely under the guise of serving as a charity.

Democrats rigged the election against Bernie and they tried to rig the election against Republicans. It’s not the memo that’s treasonous, it in fact reveals treason. No one is in danger from the release of the memo, except those who committed crimes against the nation. They could go to jail.

The memo, put together by Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy and two House investigators is not the only memo. The Senate Judiciary has a memo about Steele, the dossier, and the FBI which they are working to get declassified and released. Nunes suggested today there are more memos to come.

The FBI/DoJ agents used two sources to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. The one source was a Clinton-funded dossier and the other was a Yahoo news article planted by the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele.

The dossier is a compilation of unverified and salacious gossip used to spy on the Trump campaign. These agents went back four times with the dressed up Clinton opposition research and never told the judge the truth.

Comey signed 3 FISA applications, McCabe signed one, Sally Yates signed one, Dana Boente signed one and Rod Rosenstein signed one. They hid facts from the FISA court.

What about the unmasking? There is still much to be known.

They didn’t spy on Carter Page because he was picked up talking with a foreign agent, they told the FISA court he was an actual spy. This was done so they could spy without limit on all tied to him.

Steele was “passionate” about Trump not winning the presidency and continued to funnel information to top FBI agent Bruce Ohr, even after he was terminated.

A lot of other key figures were as passionately motivated to overturn the election, McCabe included. He is under investigation.

What is clear is top agents at the DoJ and FBI conspired to weaponize our intelligence services against political opponents. That is abuse of power and it’s tyranny. These people engaged in an attempted coup, a very serious crime under the espionage act.


Chair of the House Intel Committee Devin Nunes was interviewed by Bret Baier on Special Report this evening and it’s very interesting.

Rep. Nunes answered the many questions being brought up in the hours since the FISA abuse memo has been released. There will be more House intel memos to come, this was only the FISA portion. Comey’s role is also in question — he’s in this pretty deep.


  1. In my opinion the frustration isn’t directed to attack the Republican side but rather to protect, in every way possible, the “Obama Administration”. Even though His name isn’t being mentioned but His DOJ is the one on the chopping block. The Democrats and the media are so invested IN him and his administration, which “never had any scandals”, is Now faced with the largest scandal ever. Just as Nixon was a minor player at the beginning the entire Watergate Scandal IS the Nixon scandal. Undoubtedly THIS will be labeled the Obama Scandal in the future. It was His FBI / DOJ. It may be why the antagonists are “separating” the Trump administration from the FBI/ DOJ. They can thus separate Obama from His Justice Department.

  2. What the hell. Greg Jarrett just said; A Congressional source told him three weeks ago Rosenstein threatened Nunes and Members of Congress he was going to subpoena Their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the Intel Committee.

    This Just cannot be left out there. There should be hearings and questions in an open session and confront Rosenstein directly. He would Then be under oath and see if he would lie in that setting.

  3. Everything the democrats said, the DOJ said, and the FBI said about not releasing the memo because of national security concerns, about names that needed to be redacted, it would be treasonous, it was altered, and it was made up was their last attempt, was all a lie. It was none of that, it is so real they tried with all they had to try and keep us from ever seeing the memo, they must be corrupted lawbreakers, that really did conspire to take Trump down because of their politics.

  4. A statement that the Democrats and the FBI leadership lied to us all week is not really news. It is a foregone conclusion that the Democrat Party has been lying to us ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. It has been proven that the FBI leadership has been lying to us ever since James Comey and Peter Strzok began investigating Little Miss Hillary. The Democrat Party is replete with members serving in the Deep State…the Swamp! Obama has been instrumental in politicizing the DOJ and its FBI leadership positions.

    Obama’s neck should be on a real chopping block with a real Executioner standing over him with a real and very sharp axe. His head should roll into a basket.

    Obama is the most divisive, dishonest, corrupt, totally anti-American person to ever set foot in the White House.

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