FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Receives Death Threats for Keeping Internet Out of Government Hands


The lies spread about Net Neutrality are causing panic. People think they will lose freedom of the Internet, free speech, and they claim it’s the end of democracy. The Obama administration did a great job of lying to Americans and convincing them government control of Broadband is a necessity. They did it despite the fact that there were no problems, just predictions, fueled by competitors like Google and Apple.

As a result, the crazed are out threatening to kill him. These Twitter users are not suspended yet.

“Today Ajit Pai took away our freedom of speech. Our freedom of information. Please, somebody kill this man. Make it painful too,” one user tweeted, while another wrote: “Sincerely, and I mean this with 100% seriousness and honesty. Kill Yourself.”

One tweeted: “I hope everyone treats Ajit Pai like the scum that he is to the point where he can’t even go outside without being insulted and possibly beaten up.”

Others went further.

“If I can not open my internet tomorrow and it says I have to pay for anything I will hunt you down and kill you myself,” one user fumed, while another tweeter wrote alongside a photo of three men holding guns: “We lost #NetNeutrality now you lose your life.”

Net Neutrality is what threatens the freedom of the Internet.

Remarkably, many are tweeting comments like this:  what did you expect from the people of America by taking away net neutrality hugs and kisses of course your gonna get death threats your taking away another freedom we have which is the internet you want us to feel controlled you want us regulated

The opposite is true. Net Neutrality is a euphemism for making the Internet a government utility, like the phone company. It also gives the government another source of income as it puts itself in the middle of Americans and the Internet.

As Grover Norquist wrote:


  1. Net Neutrality was implemented in 2015. Did anyone have a problem before 2015? Probably not. Loving Trump’s appointments who are doing away with Obama’s agendas.

    • We likely would not have been much better off had Hitlery beat the Kenyan Muslim. Everything that sorry bastard accomplished in his goal to “fundamentally transform” this nation should be erased.

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