Federal Judge in Texas Blocks Ban on Illegal Sanctuary Cities


Judge Orlando Garcia, a San Antonio judge appointed by Bill Clinton, put a hold on the ban [SB4] of illegal sanctuary cities. The NY Times referred to sanctuary cities as “so called illegal sanctuary cities”. There is nothing “so called” about it.

Only a higher court can overturn this judge’s ruling. The higher courts are all filled with leftist ideologues.

This is unbelievable! Sanctuary cities are illegal and we have a judge, probably an open borders judge, defying the law.

Yet another activist judge of the left who has no desire to follow the rule of law.

The leftists have the most idiotic reasons for saying we need sanctuary cities. Safety is one of their excuses as they make us less safe with unvetted illegal aliens. The mayor went with that one:

“This ruling is good for Austin because SB 4 if ever implemented would make Austin less safe,” Mayor Steve Adler said in a news release. “This week’s crisis with Hurricane Harvey is just the most recent example why people need to feel safe approaching our local police and support groups, no matter what. If people in Austin do not feel safe asking for help, they become more vulnerable to crime, not just natural disasters.”

As an aside, illegal aliens will be eligible for all hurricane relief.

This is all so ludicrous.


  1. I am waiting for a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals outlawing the U.S. Constitution, what say ye?
    I believe there are grounds for removing these far, far, ,far left “jurists” from office and letting them run for office where they can say and do what they want………………………….

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