Federal Taxpayers Fund Soros-Tied Leftist ‘Protest’ Group in NY


An anti-Trump liberal [leftist] group, Make the Road New York (MRNY), a New York City-based Latino immigrant group with nearly 20,000 dues-paying members. It is closely linked to an $80 million dollar anti-Trump network and an approved funding group of the Democracy Alliance. Democracy Alliance is a hard-left Soros group that has organized a cabal to take down Trump and Republicans in general.

The reports call these people liberals but they are in fact leftists.

They work in concert with Soros’s goal of a permanent voting majority of Progressives. We can all be California, the poorest state in the union.

This open borders group has gotten $25 million since 2003 and just received another $400,000+.

The federal taxpayer supports this group that pays people to riot and protest. They call themselves grassroots but they plan all of their events and are well-founded.

They are also tied to ACORN [now the Center for Popular Democracy] and other Marxist groups.

This group received $4.4 million in federal grants during election year 2016.

They were behind the JFK riots/protests and had planned them from the day after the President won election. They were behind the #DeleteUber campaign after Uber allowed drivers to pick up passengers from the airport during the protests. It cost the Uber CEO his job. #GrabYourWallet is theirs and they arrange for boycotts of Trump products, particularly Ivanka Trump’s.

More details can be found at the free beacon.


  1. We appreciate the information, but you serve no justice for America-loving Americans by not calling a spade a spade.

    The Leftist and Progressives you reference are Marxists, and are an enemy of freedom. Call them Marxist and Communists.

    • I appreciate your comment but as regular readers know, I say it all the time. Leftists are communists and socialists. Tell the so-called conservative websites to stop calling them liberals. Therein is where a problem lies.

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