Feds File Charges in Benghazi Attack As We Flee Yemen



Cartoon photo of Obama as Custer in his last stand

CNN spent an hour interviewing Ahmed Abu Khattala, leader of Ansar al-Sharia, one of the groups that attacked the Benghazi mission on 9/11/12. Khattala told the CNN reporter that no officials from Libya or the United States had contacted him. He said that ‘even the investigative team did not try to contact me.’

He told the reporter he would have no problem meeting with officials to have a conversation.

While he admitted he was at the compound the night of the attack, he said he did not take part in the violence. He said gunfire prevented him from getting close.

He laughed when asked if he master-minded the attack. Khattala has been interviewed by the NY Times, Reuters, and other news agencies. When the NY Times interviewed Khattala, he spent a leisurely two hours chatting while he sipped a strawberry frappe and mocked the US and the Libyan government.

Representative Chaffetz and Senator Graham sent a letter to FBI Director Comey asking why no arrests have been made after the CNN interview was made public.

Tuesday, the federal authorities filed sealed charges against Khattala and others. They are the first criminal charges to be filed.

The timing is interesting.

The FBI has known the names of several of the suspects since the night of the attack but all they have visibly done until now, almost a year after the attack, is ask the Libyan people if they know anything about the suspects or the attack.


Photo of three of five named suspects. A flyer with their photos was released by the FBI.

Tuesday evening, there are reports of heavy fighting in Derna, Libya. It is not known if it is connected to these charges.

Meanwhile, US citizens have been temporarily evacuated from Yemen. The UK pulled out as well. It is not known when and if they will return. This is the right thing to do but the fact is that we are scrambling to protect our citizens worldwide as we live under imminent threat of attack from al Qaeda.

The Obama administration’s strategy is unknown at this time. Obama has repeatedly claimed that al Qaeda was defeated but is now telling us they are dangerous and not defeated, from the Camp David golf course. He is off campaign mode for the moment.

The administration ran on the false story that al Qaeda was on the run.

Al Qaeda was never on the run. While their administration was damaged, they morphed into ‘affiliates’ and spread out throughout the mid-East, Africa and Central Asia.

The only ones on the run are the US and her allies.

Our weakness is an effective al Qaeda recruitment tool.