Feds Raid Private Home Over Car’s Emissions


Land Rover

Homeland Security isn’t needed at the border apparently because they have time to conduct massive raids looking for cars that violate EPA standards.

Seven cars packed with Homeland Security agents raided a North Carolina couple’s home, seizing their $60,000 Land Rover Defender. They said it violated EPA emissions standards.

The couple, Jennifer and Bill Brinkley bought the car from overseas and because the car was older than 25 years, they believed it qualified for the exemption from the standards.

The Feds said that the vin number was forged. They wouldn’t let the couple explain and they won’t tell them where the car is.

The family has a lawyer and hopes to work out something.

The couple understands if the vin number was changed but they don’t understand why seven cars came and raided their property.

Don’t you feel safe knowing the Department of Homeland Security is protecting us from car emissions and not wasting time looking at who is coming over the border?